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Your customers' and prospects' decisions are influenced more by the advocacy of a peer than by an outbound marketing message. As a result, technology buyers increasingly look to peers and communities for recommendations and advice. Gartner Peer Insights provides a way for your organization to collect candid customer feedback and for technology decision makers to learn about your company's products and services.

How It Works

How it works - step1

Reviewers must register

Although reviews are posted anonymously, all Gartner Peer Insights users must first be registered to write and read full reviews.

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Reviewers need to create a profile of their professional experience

The reviewer's role, industry and organization size help establish the context of the review so peers can better match it to their own scenarios.

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The review survey

Tailored to capture specific nuances of each market across the entire solution life cycle.

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Submission and validation

Gartner Peer Insights reviewers are verified through a multistep process before publication.

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Public presentation of reviews

Individual reviews are published in their entirety after approval, and summary views for each provider in each market can be filtered, enabling peers to find the most relevant insights.

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Market Roadmap - What's Ahead for Peer Insights

Application Release Automation Solutions

Business Process Management Platforms

Capacity Management Tools

Cloud Brokering Platforms for Commercial SaaS Aggregation

Cloud Management Platforms: Large, Emerging and Open-Source Software Vendors

Configure Price Quote Application Suites

Contract Life Cycle Management

Enterprise Business Process Analysis

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Enterprise Infrastructure VPNs

Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Higher Education Student Information Systems

Innovation Management Tools

Integrated Infrastructure Systems Cloud Management Platforms

IoT Platforms

IT Process Automation

Metadata Management Solutions

Modular Servers

Network Sandboxing

Online Fraud Detection Systems

On-Premises Application Integration Suites

Operational Intelligence Platforms

Privileged Access Management Solutions

Retail Loyalty Management Applications

SaaS-Based Predictive Analytics Applications for B2B Sales and Marketing

Self-Service Data Preparation for Analytics Tools

Small Cell Equipment

U.S. Provider-Based Population Health Management Solutions

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

User Experience Platforms

Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Master Data Management Solutions

Utilities Geographic Information Systems

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Peer Insights is a valuable asset for collecting and sharing feedback on your technology product or service. To learn more, visit our FAQ page for technology providers or contact us if you need additional support.