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Supply Chain Analytics Technology

The supply chain analytics market is composed of solutions that provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as artificial intelligence capabilities to support supply chain decision making. Descriptive analytics answer the question of what is happening or has happened in the supply chain. Diagnostic analytics clarify the "why" behind an event or an observation. Predictive analytics generate insights regarding future scenarios, and prescriptive analytics offer actionable recommendations or execute actions. Artificial intelligence capabilities enhance or replace human decision making through machine learning.

AIMMS has 2 products in Supply Chain Analytics Technology market

Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Gartner defines Supply Chain Planning Solutions as a platform that provides technology support which allows a company to manage, link, align, collaborate and share its planning data across an extended supply chain. It supports demand creation, detailed supply-side response, strategic and tactical-level planning. A SCP solution is the planning decision repository for a defined end-to-end supply chain and is the environment in which end-to-end integrated supply chains are managed. Core capabilities of SCP solutions are: Demand Planning (e.g. demand forecasting and consensus demand planning); Supply Planning (e.g. inventory planning, replenishment planning, order promising, production planning, production scheduling); and Support for aligning planning decisions across the enterprise and across multiple planning time horizons. Optional capabilities of SCP solutions are: Advanced analytics and AI; Digital Supply Chain Twin; Integrated Business Planning; Continuous Planning; and Supply Chain Segmentation.

AIMMS has 2 products in Supply Chain Planning Solutions market