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Mobile App Analytics

Mobile app analytics tools collect and report on in-app data pertaining to the operation of the mobile app and the behavior of users within the app. These areas of app analytics are defined as follows: Operational analytics: Provides visibility into the availability and performance of mobile apps in relation to device, network, server and other technology factors. Operational analytics are essential to capture and fix unexpected app behavior (such as crashes, bugs, errors and latency) that can lead to user frustration and abandonment of the app. Such analytics should be applied at both the app testing phase and after release of the app into production. Behavioral analytics: Shows how app users interact with the app to gain actionable insights, drive app improvements and improve business outcomes. Behavioral data can be analyzed based on correlating clicks, swipes, views and other usage stats based on user profiles, segmentation/cohorts, retention, funnel/event tracking and A/B testing.

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Web, Product and Digital Experience Analytics

Gartner uses the following market definitions: Web analytics tools — Specialized analytics tools used to understand and improve the digital CX, attract and retain users, and analyze operations and actions taken across responsive websites and mobile apps. Product analytics tools — Tools and processes used to understand the behavior of users across products or services to inform decisions about how to improve the product experience and increase product engagement. Digital experience analytics tools — Tools that provide diagnostic insights into visitor activity and the CX on responsive web and mobile apps, enabled by advanced analytics and machine learning, session replay and heat map technology.

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