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Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

The Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain market is composed of solutions which provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS) capabilities to support supply chain decision making. These solutions could either be part of a broader supply chain application or a separate encompassing data platform. These solutions facilitate advanced data processing and the delivery of insightful information, predictions and suggestions that are contextually relevant and adaptive to user experiences toward more connected supply chain data.

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Retail Assortment Management Applications

The market for retail assortment management applications (RAMAs) is composed of multichannel retail companies (that is, retailers with stores as well as online and mobile channels) seeking assortment management applications that address business-critical merchandising business processes. Specifically included are Tier 1 general retailers (those with annual retail revenue greater than $3 billion) as well as apparel and specialty top-tier retailers (those with greater than $1 to $3 billion annual retail revenue). There are more than 250 global retailers operating in this market. RAMA products support activities and business processes that are critical to the fulfillment of customers' needs.

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Retail Intelligent Virtual Store Design Applications

The global market for Intelligent Virtual Store Design Applications is composed of multichannel retail companies (that is, retailers with stores as well as online, mobile and other touchpoints) leveraging advanced macrospace and microspace planning processes. Macrospace is the assignment of selling space for individual departments, categories and services in a physical store and Microspace is the assignment of selling space for individual departments, categories and services in a physical store. IVSD applications augment existing business-critical processes and executional applications.

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Supply Chain Management - Others

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Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Gartner defines Supply Chain Planning Solutions as a platform that provides technology support which allows a company to manage, link, align, collaborate and share its planning data across an extended supply chain. It supports demand creation, detailed supply-side response, strategic and tactical-level planning. A SCP solution is the planning decision repository for a defined end-to-end supply chain and is the environment in which end-to-end integrated supply chains are managed. Core capabilities of SCP solutions are: Demand Planning (e.g. demand forecasting and consensus demand planning); Supply Planning (e.g. inventory planning, replenishment planning, order promising, production planning, production scheduling); and Support for aligning planning decisions across the enterprise and across multiple planning time horizons. Optional capabilities of SCP solutions are: Advanced analytics and AI; Digital Supply Chain Twin; Integrated Business Planning; Continuous Planning; and Supply Chain Segmentation.

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Transportation Management Systems

Multimodal domestic transportation management systems (TMSs) are a subset of the global TMS market. They generically refer to the category of software that deals with the planning and execution of the physical movement of goods across the supply chain. This market focuses on holistic multimodal domestic TMSs for use by shippers (such as manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers) or non-asset-based, third-party logistics (3PL) organizations. The primary emphasis is on systems that support for-hire transportation management operations. This is where users employ a variety of shipping modes, including over the road, private/dedicated fleet, small package, rail and intermodal. Global companies and companies that import products from different regions also use air and ocean as a main transport mode, which also can be covered by some, but not all, of the multimodal domestic TMS vendors.

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Vehicle Routing and Scheduling and Last-Mile Technologies

Solutions for vehicle routing and scheduling and last mile are specialized transportation applications aimed at organizations that directly (e.g., private fleet) or indirectly (e.g., contract fleet, crowdsourced fleets) manage shipping assets and resources. These tools are used to develop route plans that meet the delivery objectives at minimal cost/mileage based on the firm’s input (such as from orders), rules and constraints. The route plans must also address customer experience. The aim is to minimize transportation costs while satisfying feasibility constraints as to when and where stops are made, what can be loaded in each vehicle, and what routes drivers can serve.

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Vertical Industries - Others

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Warehouse Management Systems

Gartner defines a warehouse management system (WMS) as "a software application that helps manage the operations of a warehouse or distribution center (DC)." WMS applications offer capabilities such as receiving, put-away, stock locating, inventory management, cycle counting, task interleaving, wave planning, order allocation, order picking, replenishment, packing, shipping, labor management and automated materials-handling equipment interfaces. These systems incorporate mobile devices along with bar code and, possibly, RFID scanning/sensing to form the transactional foundation of a WMS. Gartner includes integrated functionality what we refer to as extended WMS capabilities as components of a WMS evaluation. These include labor management, slotting, yard management, voice picking, parcel manifesting, value-added services, light manufacturing/kitting and third-party logistics (3PL) billing. We do not, however, consider stand-alone solutions in these areas as part of this market

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Workforce Management Applications

Workforce management (WFM) is a solution composed of software, services and (often) hardware that helps organizations to manage the operational deployment of their workers. In most cases, WFM is deployed for hourly paid workers (employees and, in some cases, contingent workers), although Gartner is also seeing demand for WFM for salaried/white-collar workers Core functionality of WFM includes: • Accurately measuring the working time and absences of workers, and making this information available to payroll and other HR systems. • Assisting employers in being compliant with legislation and agreements pertaining to working time, pay and leave. • Providing a means of creating efficient and fair work schedules (sometimes referred to as rotas/rosters), and the provision of tools to track the productivity of workers.

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Yard Management

Companies have put considerable effort into optimizing their processes in the warehouse and in transportation. Operations in the yard, which connects transportation and, specifically, the truck to the warehouse, for both inbound and outbound operations, has in many cases been left behind or ignored. Yard management systems offer the capabilities to make yard operations more efficient by increasing the visibility of gate operations, yard processes and dock-door activities. Yard management includes a set of capabilities that deals with the management and process execution activities related to or impacting a company's shipping yard and dock doors, taking into consideration equipment, facility and employee constraints, as well as activity demand. In its simplest form, yard management can automate the tracking of assets (e.g., trailers or containers) in a yard for the purpose of more efficiently finding and handling them.

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