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Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Gartner defines APM and reporting as a process flow, a set of behaviors and a set of supporting technologies that enable change management and enhanced operability of detailed project execution activities to support the technology needs of project managers and individual contributors. APM and reporting is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service and may include on-premises components. For this Magic Quadrant analysis, the PPM submarket of adaptive PM and reporting technologies must be able to operate independently of SPM tools and connect when necessary to share critical information.

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Collaborative Work Management

The Collaborative Work Management market consists of vendors offering task-driven workspaces that support business users in work planning and execution. They combine task, project, workflow, and automation capabilities with conversations, content publishing, reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Products in this market are defined by their purpose (work planning and execution), by their target users (nontechnical business users rather than professional project managers or business analysts) and by their broad functionality. CWM tools combine a number of enabling technologies that empower business users to model, coordinate, manage and optimize repeatable and reportable common work activities. They are general platforms that enable business users to fill the gap between free-form collaboration and business or custom applications. CWM tools will also play a crucial role in accelerating business-led democratized delivery, which in turn is a key ingredient of digital transformation.

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Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

Enterprise agile planning (EAP) tools help organizations to make use of agile practices at scale to achieve enterprise-class agile development. This is achieved by supporting practices that are business-outcome-driven, customer-centric, collaborative and cooperative, as well as with continual stakeholder feedback. These tools represent an evolution from project-centric agile tools and traditional application development life cycle management (ADLM) tools. The majority of products in the EAP tools market play into the overall ADLM product set, acting as a hub for the definition and management of work-item tracking.

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Product Roadmapping Tools for Software Engineering

Product roadmapping tools for software engineering have simplified product-related communication and streamlined product management and development efforts. This document profiles selected vendors and tools that can assist with: Management of software product vision and strategy alignment Communication of ideas and requirements Decision making through an understanding of user behavior, data and analytics, priorities, and consequences Defining software features and business capabilities, and handling backlogs Planning and tracking software development releases Financial and budget management Collaboration on timelines Communication, negotiation and updates Integration planning and resource tracking Report generation and notifications Managing feedback from developers, teams and users Support for continuous development and continuous integration

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Project and Portfolio Management

PPM software providers covered under this market definition aim to support the selection, planning and execution of a variety of different work packages or containers, including, but not limited to, traditional projects. They often fold in collaboration and communication capabilities and allow work teams and project offices to report, monitor and identify course correction in resource-intensive project and work environments. Providers included in this market offer these capabilities directly through their own products, but frequently recognize that specific integration points may also be needed to connect niche tools or data sources. The PPM capabilities identified as essential or critical include: • Project demand management • Project planning and management • Time management • Resource management • Resource capacity planning • Project portfolio management • Project collaboration • Program management • Reporting services • Security and user management • Integration • Usability

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