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Data Center - Others

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Data Loss Prevention

The market for enterprise data loss prevention (EDLP) comprises offerings that provide visibility into data usage across an organization for a broad set of use cases and the dynamic application of policies based on the content and context at the time of an operation. EDLP seeks to address data related threats including the risks of inadvertent or accidental data loss, and the exposure of sensitive data using monitoring, filtering, blocking and other remediation features.

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Insider Risk Management Solutions

Gartner defines insider risk management (IRM) as the tools and capabilities to measure, detect and contain undesirable behavior of trusted accounts within the organization. In response to a recognized need to minimize the effects of unwanted activity within the organization and key partners, security and risk management leaders have to mitigate risk. This market consists of tools and solutions to monitor the behavior of employees, service partners and key suppliers working inside the organization, and to evaluate whether behavior falls within expectations of role and corporate risk tolerance. Insider risk may involve errors, fraud, theft of confidential or commercially valuable information, or the sabotage of computer systems.

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