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Customer Management BPO Service Providers

Gartner's definition of business process outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business activities; specifically, BPO contracts that always include the outsourcing of business process administration to a third-party service provider, which may include outsourcing the infrastructure along with application maintenance and ownership. Customer management (CM) contact center BPO is the processes linking an organization with its existing and potential customers (such as marketing, sales and customer services), which can be categorized in four subsegments: *customer selection *customer acquisition, * customer retention *customer extension. The four subsegments should also consistently be executed across the following five primary channels: * telephony * business process as a service (BPaaS) * email response management * web/mobile chat * knowledge management for web and mobile-based self-service.

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Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems, North America

Gartner defines a life insurance policy administration system (PAS) as software that enables insurers to manage a range of group and individual life, annuity and pension products. A PAS supports the entire life insurance value chain, from product and business configuration through new business processing, policy issuance, ongoing policy administration and claims.

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Voice of the Customer

Gartner defines a voice of the customer (VoC) application as one that integrates feedback collection, analysis and action into a single interconnected platform that helps understand and improve the customer experience. Sources of feedback extend beyond direct surveying to include other, more indirect and inferred sources. For a solution to be considered to be a VoC application, it must meet three criteria: Data collection — The ability to collect all three types of VoC data: a)Direct feedback b)Indirect feedback c)Inferred feedback. Analysis and insight — The ability to analyze and derive insight from a diverse set of structured and unstructured feedback datasets using a variety of visualization and analytical techniques. Action — The ability to act upon derived insights through the use of alerts, workflows, case assignment and recommendations.

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