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Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites

Configure, price and quote application suites enable sales organizations to automate and optimize the creation of quotes and capture of orders. Core capabilities include: Support for the digital commerce channel via prebuilt UIs, integrations and/or APIs. Support for sales users, including integration with salesforce automation solutions. Searching for and selecting products and services to sell. Selection of product options and features. Automatic pricing of the chosen products and services. Negotiation of terms and proposal generation. Extensibility framework that enables a company to set up the application for its processes, products and services.

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Contract Life Cycle Management

Contract life cycle management (CLM) denotes a solution and processes for managing the life cycles of contracts and agreements created and/or administered by, or affecting, an organization. These include third-party or internal contract agreements, such as outsourcing, procurement, sales, nondisclosure, intellectual property (IP), leasing, facilities management, employment and other licensing, plus any other agreements or contractual documents containing obligations that affect the organization now and/or in the future. CLM spans all processes associated with the life cycle of each contractual agreement, from initial request through contract discovery, authoring, redlining and negotiation, valuation, approval, execution, order tracking/matching, compliance/obligation management, amendments, dispute management, auditing, reporting, and fine-tuning to eventual archiving.

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Customer Communication Management

CCM software is defined as both a strategy and a market-fulfilled by applications that improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound and interactive communications. It supports the production of individualized customer messages, marketing collateral, new product introductions and transaction documents. It is a collection of computer programs that composes, personalizes, formats and delivers content acquired from various sources into targeted and relevant electronic and physical communications between an enterprise and its customers, prospective customers and business partners. It delivers targeted communications through a wide range of media including mobile, email, SMS, Web pages, social media sites and print. The CCM market has evolved from the convergence of document generation/composition and output management technologies. Current CCM solutions include the core elements of a design tool, a composition engine, a workflow/rule engine and multichannel output management.

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Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce Platforms are the core technology that enables customers to purchase goods and services through an interactive and self-service experience. The platform provides necessary information for customers to make their buy decisions and uses rules and data to present fully priced orders for payment. The platform must have out-of-the-box (OOB) capability or the APIs to support a self-service, interactive commerce experience that includes: storefront, product catalog navigation, product pages, shopping cart, checkout, and customer account. The commerce product must support OOB ability to search for a product, add products to a cart, and fully price an order inclusive of product-level, customer-level, and order-level discounts or promotions. The commerce product must support interoperability with customer, product, content, and order functionality and data via APIs.

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Partner Relationship Management Applications

Partner relationship management (PRM) applications are the group of technologies that organizations use to streamline, enhance, amplify and strengthen business processes with their indirect partners in order to deliver mutual growth. PRM solutions provide visibility into and influence over the complexity of a multitier channel organization. They also offer automated, multitier operation processes that will decrease investments in resources and increase sales opportunities. More sales opportunities will lead to increased market share and a higher satisfaction rate among the partner network.

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