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API Protection Tools

Organizations use API protection tools to prevent malicious attacks or misuse of application program interfaces (API). APIs are commonly used as a key to programming web-based interactions enabling access to sensitive software functions and data, thus becoming a primary target for attackers. The API Protection Tools enables breach detection and prevention by identifying anomalous behaviors and breaks at the application’s business logic level. IT departments and developers use API protection tools to identify vulnerabilities for any Personally Identifiable Information(PII) and sensitive data leaks. Predefined policies and rules in the tool provide real-time mitigation from the API attacks

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Application Security Testing

Gartner defines the Application Security Testing (AST) market as the buyers and sellers of products and services designed to analyze and test applications for security vulnerabilities. Gartner identifies four main styles of AST: (1) Static AST (SAST) (2) Dynamic AST (DAST) (3) Interactive AST (IAST) (4) Mobile AST. The above technology approaches can be delivered as a tool or as a subscription service. Many vendors offer both options to reflect enterprise requirements for a product and service.

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Mobile Application Security Testing

The mobile AST market is composed of buyers and sellers of products and services that analyze and identify vulnerabilities in applications used with mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile) during or post development. Many variations and flavors of techniques exist, but fundamentally mobile AST solutions test applications in three main ways: (1) SAST: These solutions statically analyze the source, binary or bytecode of an application to identify vulnerabilities. (2) Behavioral testing: Mobile AST solutions use behavioral analysis to observe the behavior of the app during runtime and identify actions that could be exploited by an attacker. (3) DAST: These solutions also use dynamic analysis to test the app in its runtime state. DAST simulates attacks against an application and analyzes the application's reactions, determining whether it is vulnerable.

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