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Emergency/Mass Notification Services Solutions

EMNSs automate the distribution and management of messages to relevant stakeholders for localized events and regional and catastrophic disasters across multiple channels. Use cases include organizational crises, business-critical operations, IT outages, and public and personal safety.

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IT Infrastructure and Operations Management - Others

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Indoor Location Application Platforms

The indoor location application platform market consists of vendors that supply on-premises and cloud-based application platforms that ingest location data from indoor location service providers. They process the data for: • Mobile consumption on Apple iOS- and Android-based loyalty or wayfaring applications • Cloud-based or on-premises analytic reporting • Integration into upstream applications, such as CRM or ERP The solution components may include a: • Mobile software development kit (SDK) that creates iOS and Android smartphone or tablet applications that work in conjunction with the application platform • Cloud-based or on-premises application platform that governs management of the devices and beacons, as well as configuration, provisioning and updating of the application to the mobile device • Cloud-based or on-premises application platform.

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Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Gartner defines Integrated risk management (IRM) as the combined technology, processes and data that serves to fulfill the objective of enabling the simplification, automation and integration of strategic, operational and IT risk management across an organization.

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