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IoT Security

The amount of information being transmitted from things continues to rise. Much of this data originates outside of the enterprise. The scale of security risks in the Internet of Things (IoT) era is therefore much greater than in the pre-IoT environment, and the "attack surface" is much larger. Most sensor-based things have minimal computing resources, and the opportunities for antivirus, encryption and other forms of protection within things are more restricted. Therefore, IoT security products with a variety of capabilities emerged to help dispel some of these challenges.

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Medical Device Security Solutions

Gartner defines Medical Device Security Solutions as solutions which addresses software, hardware, and network and data protection requirements for the HDO’s IoMT devices. These solutions enable organizations to securely manage IoMT devices, ensure IoMT endpoint and data integrity, and perform asset discovery. They share many technologies and processes used in IT, operational technology (OT), and physical security, such as deep packet inspection and risk identification. Medical device security solutions can help CIOs engender trust and provide safe, reliable, private and resilient digital care delivery products and services.

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