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Application Release Orchestration

Application Release Orchestration (ARO) tools provide a combination of deployment automation, pipeline and environment management, and release orchestration capabilities to simultaneously improve the quality, velocity and governance of application releases. ARO tools enable enterprises to scale release activities across multiple, diverse and multigenerational teams (e.g., DevOps), technologies, development methodologies (agile, etc.), delivery patterns (e.g., continuous), pipelines, processes and their supporting toolchains.

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Value Stream Delivery Platforms

Value stream delivery platforms provide fully integrated capabilities that enable continuous delivery of software. These capabilities may include planning, version control, continuous integration, test automation, release orchestration, continuous deployment (and rollback), monitoring, security testing and analyzing value stream metrics. VSDPs integrate with infrastructure and compliance automation tools to automate infrastructure deployment and policy enforcement. VSDPs are extensible by design and integrate with other tools to fill gaps in software delivery management. Gartner’s definition of VSDP does not describe a system that cobbles together disparate DevOps tools. Instead, VSDPs provide preintegrated capabilities that enhance productivity, collaboration, communication and business outcomes for product teams via interactions among the platform components.

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