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Application Testing Services, Worldwide

“Application testing services” is a comprehensive term used to capture all types of verification and validation services to support quality control and quality assurance (QA) of clients’ applications. Verification assesses the technical behavior, and validation assesses the functional behavior of tested elements. The following service categories were considered for this market: • Design: advisory consulting services — A range of consultative services focusing on the overall testing strategy, business process testing and technical site testing • Build: deployment or IT implementation services — Services that define and execute tests to verify test objectives for predetermined test objects (units) in controlled test environments, according to test scenarios that reflect theoretical or operational situations for the predetermined test objects • Operate: management services — Services including managed testing, hosting and testing process management.

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Data and Analytics Service Providers

Gartner defines the market for data and analytics (D&A) services as consulting and system integration (C&SI) and managed services. These services manage data for all uses (operational and analytical), and analyze data to drive business processes and improve business outcomes through more effective decision making. The core capabilities for vendor solutions in the D&A services market include: D&A strategy and operating model design Data management Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) Data science and machine learning D&A governance Program management Enterprise metadata

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Public Cloud IT Transformation Services

Gartner defines Public Cloud IT Transformation Services as solutions designed to deliver transformational IT outcomes via cloud-native professional and managed application services built exclusively from public hyperscale cloud infrastructure and platform services. Providers that offer professional services and managed services related to the infrastructure operations for one of the hyperscale public cloud providers (Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure), with the appropriate transformational competency(ies) of the partner program would be considered as part of this market.

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Software Asset Management Managed Services

Software asset management managed services employ the provider’s proprietary SAM skills and methodologies to transform a client’s existing processes and augment their resources. SAM managed services are delivered directly to end-user clients, on either a continuous or a scheduled basis, employing required discipline to meet software and cloud service cost optimization and governance objectives. Applying an ongoing SAM discipline, SAM managed services combine a series of life cycle change management and optimization activities, transforming existing practices to deliver transparency and optimization. SAM managed services establish a platform of trustworthy data, incorporating management of usage rights and optimized utilization transparency, leveraging a mesh of techniques to augment SAM tool functions.

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