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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software provides virtualized compute, storage, networking and associated (cloud) management — from a single instantiation running on server hardware. Core capabilities for HCI software are virtual compute, storage and networking, using a scale-out, shared-nothing architecture combined with unified, “single pane of glass” management for these virtual resources. Additional core capabilities include local, direct-attached storage (DAS) in each node; enterprise-grade, high availability (HA) and mobility, for both compute and storage; enterprise-grade data services (e.g., deduplication, compression and erasure coding); and some level of choice in server and network hardware.

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Integrated Systems

The integrated systems market consists of four segments: Integrated Infrastructure Systems (IIS) - Server, storage and network hardware are integrated to provide shared compute infrastructure. Integrated Reference Architecture (IRA) - These are products in which a specification for a logical set of hardware and/or software components for an integrated system are certified by two or more vendors. Ideally, these components have a common source of service and support. Integrated Stack Systems (ISS) - Server, storage and network hardware are integrated with application software to provide appliance or appliancelike functionality. Hyperconverged Integrated Systems (HCIS) - Compute, network and storage hardware are tightly coupled, eliminating the need for a traditional storage area network (SAN). Storage management functions, compute provisioning and additional, optional capabilities are delivered via the management software layer and/or hardware.

Huayun Data Group has 1 product in Integrated Systems market