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Audit Management Solutions

Internal auditors play the critical role of being the third line of defense. When risk owners and management do not identify risk or adequately mitigate the risk, it is imperative for the internal auditors to provide independent and objective insight on risk. The audit management solutions market caters to this need by automating internal audit operations through its primary and secondary offerings. Audit management solutions help manage the complexity of the auditor's role, not the organization's risk.

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Corporate Compliance and Oversight Solutions

Corporate Compliance and Oversight (CCO) tools provide the framework and support for standardization of compliance activities and automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness of compliance management programs. CCO enables a common cross-enterprise approach to IT compliance activities that most affect the regulatory oversight of corporate governance. This is done through support of the five major requirements for managing a compliance program: policy development, aggregation and normalization, control monitoring, workflow management, and case management.

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