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Cloud Database Management Systems

Gartner defines the cloud database management system (DBMS) market as being that for products from vendors that supply fully provider-managed public or private cloud software systems that manage data in cloud storage. Data is stored in a cloud storage tier (such as a cloud object store, a distributed data store or other proprietary cloud storage infrastructure), and may use multiple data models — relational, nonrelational (document, key-value, wide-column, graph), geospatial, time series and others. These DBMSs reflect optimization strategies designed to support transactions and/or analytical processing for one or more of the following use cases: Traditional and augmented transaction processing, Traditional and logical data warehouse, Data science exploration/deep learning, Stream/event processing, and Operational intelligence This market does not include vendors that only provide DBMSs hosted in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), such as in a virtual machine or container, and managed by the customer.

Idera (Qubole) has 2 products in Cloud Database Management Systems market

Hadoop Distributions

Hadoop distributions are used to provide scalable, distributed computing against on-premises and cloud-based file store data. Distributions are composed of commercially packaged and supported editions of open-source Apache Hadoop-related projects. Distributions provide access to applications, query/reporting tools, machine learning and data management infrastructure components. First introduced as collections of components for any use case, distributions are now often delivered as part of a specific solution for data lakes, machine learning or other uses. They subsequently grow into additional, expanded roles, competing with both older technologies like database management systems (DBMSs) and newer ones like Apache Spark.

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