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Application Integration Platforms

"Application integration platforms enable independently designed applications, apps and services to work together. Key capabilities of application integration technologies include: • Communication functionality that reliably moves messages/data among endpoints. • Support for fundamental web and web services standards. • Functionality that dynamically binds consumer and provider endpoints. • Message validation, mapping, transformation and enrichment. • Orchestration. • Support for multiple interaction patterns, content-based routing and typed messages.

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Integration Software as a Service

Integration software as a service (iSaaS) packages are cloud-based integration tools that provides either prepackaged or easily configurable integration flows that are aimed at helping non-IT business users and even consumers to address simple application and data integration issues. These offerings are typically cloud-hosted, targeted at citizen integrator and easy to use. They provide an intuitive user experience that generally includes the ability to configure prepackaged integrations and create new integration flows by mapping predefined endpoints (SaaS applications, cloud services, abstracted APIs, social networks, mobile apps and "things") via simple "if/then"-type modeling.

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