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Advanced Analytics Service Providers for Marketing

Marketing analytics skills are among the most important capabilities in the marketing organization, yet it remains difficult to recruit, hire and retain people with strong skills to support in-house teams. Most marketing teams still struggle with a skills gap in this domain. As a result, marketers seek to augment internal teams by using advanced analytics service providers that offer third-party expert resources, proprietary methodologies and models, and even managed technology to help marketers tackle some of their toughest challenges. Vendors in this market specialize in advanced analytics, including sophisticated methods such as mapping the customer journey, attributing marketing spend to measured outcomes, simulating and measuring business impact of marketing and advertising campaigns, and implementing predictive models. Engagements may be project-based or part of an ongoing partnership, and may include the use of proprietary technology.

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Customer Relationship Management - Others

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Data Integration Tools

The market for data integration tools includes vendors that offer software products to enable the construction and implementation of data access and data delivery infrastructure for a variety of data integration scenarios. For vendors, the demand for traditional data integration capabilities alongside the demand for innovative solutions requires robust, consistent delivery of highly developed solutions. Similarly, data integration tools interoperate and integrate with master data tools, data governance tools and data quality tools. Examples of this type of interoperability include: • Support for governance and management of data assets • Data acquisition for analytics and business intelligence (BI) and data • Sourcing and delivery of master data in support of master data management (MDM) • Data consistency between operational applications • Interenterprise data sharing.

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Data Masking

The market for DM technologies includes offerings designed to desensitize data in order to protect it against abuses of confidentiality or privacy. These technologies enable organizations to operationally minimize the footprint and propagation of sensitive data (or its viewing) without extensive custom development. Data is masked either before access or at the time of access, depending on the use case’s requirements. The most common use case for DM technologies is the desensitization of data in nonproduction environments.

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Data and Analytics - Others

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