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Client Management Tools

End-user computing and support organizations use client management tools (CMTs) to automate endpoint management tasks. CMTs perform the following technical functions: • OS deployment • Hardware and software inventory • Software distribution • Patch management • Configuration management (e.g., scripts) • Security configuration management • Remote control Organizations primarily use CMTs to manage PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. Although most organizations still leverage separate management approaches for mobile devices and PCs, unified endpoint management (UEM) supports the convergence of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and CMT functionality. Organizations are increasingly looking for a single vendor and management platform to support PCs and mobile devices.

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Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

Enterprise mobility management suites provide policy and configuration management tools for applications and content, based on smartphone operating systems. The market has evolved from previous-generation mobile device management products that lacked application and content management. IT leaders now see the potential to leverage mobility to better run, grow and transform their organizations. They are using mobility management suites to deliver IT support to mobile end users and to maintain security policies.

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IT Infrastructure and Operations Management - Others

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IT Service Management Tools

ITSM tools help infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations manage the consumption of IT services, the infrastructure that supports the IT services, and the IT organization’s responsibility in delivering business value with these services. These are most heavily used by IT service desks and IT service delivery functions to support the tasks and workflows for processes including incident, request, problem, change, service level, knowledge, and configuration management.

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Identity Governance and Administration

IGA tools manage digital identity and access rights across multiple systems. To accomplish this, IGA tools aggregate and correlate disparate identity and access rights data that is distributed throughout the IT landscape to enhance control over user access. IGA tools have evolved over the years to support a broad and deep range of capabilities.

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Mobile Application Management

Gartner defines a mobile application management (MAM) tool as an on-premises or SaaS tool specifically designed for the license management, distribution, securing and life cycle management of apps for mobile device platforms. Thus, MAM tools provide integration with public app store payment and licensing mechanisms (such as Apple's Volume Purchase Program [VPP]), an enterprise app store, and the ability to set policies related to security, usage and ongoing management for apps or groups of apps. At minimum, a MAM product supports native and HTML 5 apps. Many also support a variety of popular hybrid app architectures, which may be highly desirable based on a particular client's needs.

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Network Access Control

Gartner defines network access control (NAC) as technologies that enable organizations to implement policies for controlling access to corporate infrastructure by both user-oriented devices and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Policies may be based on authentication, endpoint configuration (posture) or users' role/identity. NAC can also implement postconnect policies based on integration with other security products. For example, NAC could enforce a policy to contain the endpoint based on an alert from a SIEM. An organization should evaluate the following capabilities: • Device visibility/profiling • Access control • Security posture check • Guest management • Bidirectional integration with other security products.

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Sales Force Automation

Gartner defines sales force automation (SFA) as systems that support the automation of sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities for organizations' sales professionals. Gartner considers SFA to be foundational technology, implemented to automate an organization's core sales processes. The core functionalities of the SFA market include: • Account, contact and opportunity management • Sales activity management • Sales forecasting • Mobile applications • Reporting • Partner relationship management (PRM) • Platform capabilities

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Security Solutions - Others

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Software Asset Management Tools

The software asset management (SAM) tools are products that provide automation to support tasks required to produce and maintain compliance with independent software vendor (ISV) license use rights and improve organizations’ ability to optimize software risk and spend. SAM tools provide in-depth software asset analysis by decoding software license entitlements, automating the collection of software consumption data, establishing ISV effective license position (ELP), governing software assets, optimizing software value delivery and sharing information with other tools and stakeholders.

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Unified Endpoint Management Tools

Gartner defines unified endpoint management (UEM) as a tool that provides agent and agentless management of computers and mobile devices through a single console. Modern UEM tools: Provide a user-centric view of devices across device platforms Offer agent and/or agentless management through native Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS controls Offer agentless management through native Apple iOS/iPad OS and Google Android controls Aggregate telemetry and signal from identities, apps, connectivity and devices to inform policy and related actions Aggregate and analyze technology performance and employee experience data Integrate with identity, security and remote-access tools to support zero-trust access and contextual authentication, vulnerability, policy, configuration, and data management Manage nontraditional devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables and rugged handhelds

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Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are products and services used to achieve security and confidentiality for data in motion by means of encryption and access controls. Solutions may be implemented in software on end-user devices, servers and appliances. They may be purpose-built as dedicated systems, and/or built-in virtual constructs in cloud infrastructure. Security can be applied to communications that originate within devices and servers, and at various boundaries, including gateways and firewalls (FWs). In the case of virtual environments and multitenant architectures, VPN communications may occur within a server hosting the equivalent of several sites and tenants.

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