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Conversational Platforms

Conversational platforms can be used by developers to build conversational user interfaces, chatbots and virtual assistants for integration into messaging platforms, social media, SMS, website chat. The offerings include a development platform to build conversational interfaces with strong NLP engines, supporting voice and text input modalities. The platform provides capabilities like dialogue management, multiple chatbots orchestration, training data maintenance.

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Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms

Gartner defines the Enterprise Conversational AI Platform market as the market for software applications used to build, orchestrate and support the development of multiple use-cases of conversational automation while targeting multiple roles within the enterprise to enable Conversational Automation as a strategic enterprise capability.

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Virtual Customer Assistants

A virtual customer assistant (VCA) is a business application that simulates a conversation in order to deliver information and, if advanced, takes action on behalf of the customer to perform transactions. Engagement with a VCA is possible via the web, SMS, consumer messaging apps, mobile apps, peer-to-peer communities, kiosks and other web-based or mobile interfaces, and the engagement is text-based. In addition, a VCA can support speech- and text-based engagement in situations where voice processing is enabled. The VCA relies on knowledge repositories and NLP technologies. In some service scenarios, the combination of speech technology and the VCA provides a strong customer service proposition.

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