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Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services (Global)

Gartner's view of the market is focused on transformational technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today. This Magic Quadrant evaluates the leading service providers' ability to deliver DCO/HIMS globally. DCO/HIMS is composed of the following (see the definitions below): · Data Center Outsourcing Services · Managed Services for Traditional Data Center Environments · Mainframe managed services · ERP hosting managed services · Managed Servers and Network equipment · Managed Services for Hosted and Private cloud Infrastructure · Managed Services for Public Cloud and Edge Environments · Hybrid infrastructure managed services (HIMS) · Data center consolidation and transformation services · Cloud migration services This complex set of data center capabilities and services is increasingly based on managed virtual private cloud services plus hyperscale public cloud services.

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Managed Mobility Services, Global

Managed mobility services (MMS) encompass the IT and business process services provided by external service providers (ESPs) required to plan, procure, provision, activate, manage and support mobile devices, mobile network services, related mobile management systems, mobile applications and application stores. For this market, "devices" include smartphones, tablets and purpose-built field service equipment with embedded connectivity. This market pertains to both corporate-liable devices, and individual-liable, or "bring your own device" (BYOD), users.

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Oracle Cloud Application Services, Worldwide

Gartner defines the Oracle Cloud Application Services as only those services associated with the Oracle SaaS products or with Oracle PaaS products being built or supported in conjunction with an Oracle SaaS product. To qualify each project must have an 'anchoring' Oracle SaaS product from at least one of the products / pillars identified in the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer program on the Oracle Partner Network website. Currently this is version 3787137 (as below) and consists of the SaaS pillars: CX / EPM / ERP / HCM / SCM.

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Public Cloud IT Transformation Services

Gartner defines Public Cloud IT Transformation Services as solutions designed to deliver transformational IT outcomes via cloud-native professional and managed application services built exclusively from public hyperscale cloud infrastructure and platform services. Providers that offer professional services and managed services related to the infrastructure operations for one of the hyperscale public cloud providers (Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure), with the appropriate transformational competency(ies) of the partner program would be considered as part of this market.

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