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In-App Protection

The In-app protection market refers to security solutions implemented within the application (instead of the network or the operating system, for example) to make the application more resistant to attacks such as malicious data exfiltration, intrusion, tampering, and reverse engineering. Enterprises use in-app protection to safeguard their software-based assets and to protect their organization and customers from fraudulent attacks.

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Mobile Threat Defense

The mobile threat defense (MTD) market relates to products that protect organizations from threats on iOS and Android devices. MTD products protect at the device, network and application levels and focus on countering malicious actions.

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Security Service Edge

Security service edge (SSE) secures access to the web, cloud services, and private applications. Capabilities include access control, threat protection, data security, security monitoring, and acceptable use control enforced by network-based and API-based integration. SSE is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service and may include on-premises or agent-based components.

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Security Solutions - Others

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