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Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms enable less technical users, including businesspeople, to model, analyze, explore, share and manage data, and collaborate and share findings, enabled by IT and augmented by artificial intelligence (AI). ABI platforms may optionally include the ability to create, modify or enrich a semantic model including business rules.

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Application Development, Integration and Management - Others

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Application Testing Services, Worldwide

“Application testing services” is a comprehensive term used to capture all types of verification and validation services to support quality control and quality assurance (QA) of clients’ applications. Verification assesses the technical behavior, and validation assesses the functional behavior of tested elements. The following service categories were considered for this market: • Design: advisory consulting services — A range of consultative services focusing on the overall testing strategy, business process testing and technical site testing • Build: deployment or IT implementation services — Services that define and execute tests to verify test objectives for predetermined test objects (units) in controlled test environments, according to test scenarios that reflect theoretical or operational situations for the predetermined test objects • Operate: management services — Services including managed testing, hosting and testing process management.

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Data and Analytics Service Providers

Gartner defines the market for data and analytics (D&A) services as consulting and system integration (C&SI) and managed services. These services manage data for all uses (operational and analytical), and analyze data to drive business processes and improve business outcomes through more effective decision making. The core capabilities for vendor solutions in the D&A services market include: D&A strategy and operating model design Data management Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) Data science and machine learning D&A governance Program management Enterprise metadata

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IoT Platforms

Enterprises are increasingly connecting a broad variety and number of IoT endpoints to access data from and better manage physical assets that are relevant to their business. Typical IoT-enabled business objectives include traditional benefits, such as improved asset optimization, as well as new business opportunities and revenue models, such as subscribed-to services (versus owned assets). An IoT platform is an on-premises software suite or a cloud service (IoT platform as a service [PaaS]) that monitors and may manage and control various types of endpoints, often via applications business units deploy on the platform. The IoT platform usually provides (or provisions) Web-scale infrastructure capabilities to support basic and advanced IoT solutions and digital business operations.

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Oracle Application Services, Worldwide

This market is focused on the full life cycle of Oracle application services, spanning project-based implementation and multiyear application management services (AMS). Evaluate service providers for their ability to deliver a comprehensive set of implementation and management services across the Oracle portfolio of products for clients worldwide. Comprehensive is defined as follows: • A distinct offering, consistent with common market service offerings as defined by the following: scope of service, delivery structure, intellectual property (IP), roles and responsibilities, service metrics and levels, terms and conditions, and pricing model. • A consolidated set of distinct offerings to address industry-specific demand or cross-industry demand, where the offering is recognized by clients or analysts as an integrated offering.

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Oracle Cloud Application Services, Worldwide

Gartner defines the Oracle Cloud Application Services as only those services associated with the Oracle SaaS products or with Oracle PaaS products being built or supported in conjunction with an Oracle SaaS product. To qualify each project must have an 'anchoring' Oracle SaaS product from at least one of the products / pillars identified in the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer program on the Oracle Partner Network website. Currently this is version 3787137 (as below) and consists of the SaaS pillars: CX / EPM / ERP / HCM / SCM.

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SAP S/4HANA Application Services, Worldwide

Gartner defines the SAP S/4HANA Application Services as: assessment, implementation and applications management services. Assessment services are discrete, project based services to assess the impact of either a new SAP S/4HANA implementation or a migration from a legacy platform(s) to SAP S/4HANA. These services include consulting and potentially Proof of Concept, and covers the analysis of all SAP S/4HANA products, applications, databases, analytics, middleware, mobile and other technologies. Implementation services are discrete, project-based implementations of SAP S/4HANA applications without ongoing management responsibilities. These services include consulting, development and integration services, and covers all SAP S/4HANA products, applications, databases, analytics, middleware, mobile and other technologies. Management services are ongoing services focused on SAP S/4HANA applications that are provided as part of a multiyear-based agreement and managed against defined quality metrics.

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