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Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

Gartner defines distributed file systems and object storage as software and hardware solutions that are based on “shared nothing architecture” and that support object and/or scale-out file technology to address requirements for unstructured data growth. A shared-nothing architecture is a distributed computing architecture in which there is no single point of contention across the system. Distributed file system storage uses a single parallel file system to cluster multiple storage nodes together, presenting a single namespace and a storage pool to provide high-bandwidth data access for multiple hosts in parallel. Data is distributed over multiple nodes in the cluster to deliver data availability and resilience in a self-healing manner, and to provide high throughput and scale capacity linearly. Object storage refers to devices and software that house data in structures called “objects,” and serve clients data via RESTful HTTP APIs, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and OpenStack Swift.

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Hadoop Distributions

Hadoop distributions are used to provide scalable, distributed computing against on-premises and cloud-based file store data. Distributions are composed of commercially packaged and supported editions of open-source Apache Hadoop-related projects. Distributions provide access to applications, query/reporting tools, machine learning and data management infrastructure components. First introduced as collections of components for any use case, distributions are now often delivered as part of a specific solution for data lakes, machine learning or other uses. They subsequently grow into additional, expanded roles, competing with both older technologies like database management systems (DBMSs) and newer ones like Apache Spark.

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