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Ad Tech


Gartner defines the ad tech market as technology for managing digital advertising across channels, including: display, video, streaming TV, mobile, social, search. It provides functions for: Campaign planning Media buying Advertising analysis, optimization and automation

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Conversational Platforms

Conversational platforms can be used by developers to build conversational user interfaces, chatbots and virtual assistants for integration into messaging platforms, social media, SMS, website chat. The offerings include a development platform to build conversational interfaces with strong NLP engines, supporting voice and text input modalities. The platform provides capabilities like dialogue management, multiple chatbots orchestration, training data maintenance.

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Employee Communications Applications

Gartner defines the Employee Communications Applications market as technology enables “communicators” (employees in roles where they are responsible for managing internal communications) to plan, create, coordinate, customize, distribute and execute communication campaigns. ECA technology also analyzes internal communications (IC) effectiveness across channels, media, communication types, business impact and employee experience.

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Enterprise Social Networking Applications

Enterprise social networking applications facilitate, capture and organize open conversations and information sharing between individual workers and groups within an organization. In addition to capabilities that support conversations and information sharing, they can keep track of the network of relationships between participants (via social graphs), in order to deliver a personalized stream of updates about events or conversations to individuals (via news feeds and activity streams). These applications help people find out about each other, have discussions, share information and generally interact. Interaction occurs either at a one-to-one level, or in groups, teams, communities and networks, and in the context of structured or unstructured business activities.

Meta has 1 product in Enterprise Social Networking Applications market

Meeting Solutions

Meeting solutions are real-time collaboration applications and associated endpoints that support interactions over a network between participants for team work, presentations, training and webinars. Some vendors segment their product lines to target and scale to one or several of those use cases, while others offer broad solutions that work for many purposes. Enterprise offerings in this market perform equally well for workers in meeting spaces, at their desks or when mobile, with integrated voice, video, messaging and content sharing. Organizations with complex needs typically have meeting solutions for internal use — for collaboration, learning and internal communication — that are separate from those for external use in sales or marketing. Such complex needs can result in running meeting solutions from more than one vendor. Complete meeting solutions enable richness of information and interaction by combining messaging, content and screen sharing, video and audio.

Meta has 1 product in Meeting Solutions market

Mobile App Analytics

Mobile app analytics tools collect and report on in-app data pertaining to the operation of the mobile app and the behavior of users within the app. These areas of app analytics are defined as follows: Operational analytics: Provides visibility into the availability and performance of mobile apps in relation to device, network, server and other technology factors. Operational analytics are essential to capture and fix unexpected app behavior (such as crashes, bugs, errors and latency) that can lead to user frustration and abandonment of the app. Such analytics should be applied at both the app testing phase and after release of the app into production. Behavioral analytics: Shows how app users interact with the app to gain actionable insights, drive app improvements and improve business outcomes. Behavioral data can be analyzed based on correlating clicks, swipes, views and other usage stats based on user profiles, segmentation/cohorts, retention, funnel/event tracking and A/B testing.

Meta has 1 product in Mobile App Analytics market

Social Software in the Workplace

The market for social software in the workplace includes software products that support people working together in teams, communities or networks. These products can be tailored to support a variety of collaborative activities. Buyers are looking for virtual environments that can engage participants to create, organize and share information, and encourage them to find, connect and interact with each other. Business use of these products ranges from project coordination within small teams or homogeneous groups, to information exchange between employees across an entire organization.

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Workstream Collaboration

The workstream collaboration (WSC) market consists of products that deliver a conversational workspace based on a persistent group chat. Products in this market are primarily used to organize, coordinate, and execute outcome-driven teamwork such as that associated with the project- or process-related activities. Secondary uses can include ad hoc collaboration and community discussions.

Meta has 1 product in Workstream Collaboration market