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5G Radio Access Network (RAN)

5G radio access network (RAN) solutions represent the radio base station of 5G network infrastructure : radio units, massive MIMO function and BBU solutions. They are the core of 5G network infrastructure and are steadily virtualized under the vision of 5g network softwarization. Considering Open RAN, network cloudification and its programmability involves a gradual change as 5G RAN solutions need to manage existing physical resources, as well as resources in a hybrid environment.

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Contact Center Infrastructure

The contact center infrastructure (CCI) market covers solutions that include the equipment, software and services that enable customer service organizations to manage multichannel customer interactions holistically (using self-service and assisted service) from a customer experience and an employee engagement perspective. Central to the definition of CCI is that the solutions are dedicated to supporting a single customer or tenant on each instance of the system, even if that customer or tenant supports multiple contact center operations on that dedicated instance. CCI solutions are used by customer service and telemarketing centers, employee service and support centers, help desk service centers and other types of structured communications operations.

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Corporate Telephony

The corporate telephony market is evolving from a focus on innovation in proprietary hardware to use of commodity hardware and standards-based software. While most telephony solutions are Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled or IP-PBX solutions, the associated endpoints are a mix of time division multiplexing (TDM) and IP. Corporate telephony platforms focus on high-availability, scalable solutions, which support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), desktop and soft phone functionality, and the ability to integrate with enterprise IT applications while delivering toll-grade voice quality.

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Data Center - Others

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Data and Analytics Service Providers

Gartner defines the market for data and analytics (D&A) services as consulting and system integration (C&SI) and managed services. These services manage data for all uses (operational and analytical), and analyze data to drive business processes and improve business outcomes through more effective decision making. The core capabilities for vendor solutions in the D&A services market include: D&A strategy and operating model design Data management Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) Data science and machine learning D&A governance Program management Enterprise metadata

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Integrated Systems

The integrated systems market consists of four segments: Integrated Infrastructure Systems (IIS) - Server, storage and network hardware are integrated to provide shared compute infrastructure. Integrated Reference Architecture (IRA) - These are products in which a specification for a logical set of hardware and/or software components for an integrated system are certified by two or more vendors. Ideally, these components have a common source of service and support. Integrated Stack Systems (ISS) - Server, storage and network hardware are integrated with application software to provide appliance or appliancelike functionality. Hyperconverged Integrated Systems (HCIS) - Compute, network and storage hardware are tightly coupled, eliminating the need for a traditional storage area network (SAN). Storage management functions, compute provisioning and additional, optional capabilities are delivered via the management software layer and/or hardware.

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Primary Storage

Primary storage covers vendors that offer dedicated products or product lines for solid-state arrays (SSAs) or hybrid storage arrays (or both), and software-defined storage (SDS) software. Hybrid storage arrays include solid-state drive (SSD) and hard-disk drive (HDD) configurations. SSA products are 100% solid-state, technology-based systems that cannot be combined or expanded with HDDs. SSAs and hybrid storage arrays must have a dedicated product name and an associated model number. SDS products are designed to operate on industry-standard, commodity hardware on-premises or in the public cloud. A primary storage product’s foremost purpose is to support response time and input/output per second (IOPS)-sensitive structured data workloads. Typical use cases include mission-critical workloads, such as IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, Oracle Databases and applications, SAP HANA, and in-house-developed transactional applications.

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Unified Communications

All unified communications (UC) solutions are intended principally to improve user productivity and enhance business processes that relate to communications and collaboration. Gartner defines UC solutions — equipment, software and services — as offerings that facilitate the use of multiple enterprise communications methods to achieve those aims. UC solutions integrate communications channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications, and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices. UC offers the ability to significantly improve how individuals, groups and companies interact and perform. The UC solutions that enterprises deploy range from stand-alone suites from single vendors, to integrated applications and platforms from multiple vendors. UC is often deployed to extend and add functionality to established communications investments.

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