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ERP and Corporate Management - Others

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Human Capital Management Suites

Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites encompass functionality to help organizations attract, develop, engage, retain and manage their workers. HCM encompasses the following HR functions: Administrative HR includes organizational and employee data, transactional employee and manager self-service, benefits, and payroll administration. Talent management applications are composed of recruiting, onboarding, performance and engagement management, compensation planning, career and succession planning, learning and development, and workforce planning. Workforce management includes absence management, time and attendance management, task management, budgeting and forecasting, and scheduling, and is usually deployed to manage hourly paid workers. HR service delivery includes direct access to policy and procedure guidance for employees and managers. It may also include case management, knowledge base and digital document management.

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Onboarding Software

Onboarding Software vendors support processes that bridge from offer to new hire as well as other transitions (offboarding, cross boarding). Standard onboarding capability focuses on supporting the workflow of onboarding processing from pre-hire to the first six months. This typically includes a combination of the following: Forms Processing (National/Provincial/Local Compliance) e.g. Nationally-Mandated I-9 Verification (E-Verify) in the U.S.; Data Completion/Verification e.g. Bank Account Information to Process First/Ongoing Paychecks; and Social/Cultural Assimilation e.g. Leadership Videos, Team Introductions, Learning Courses, Assigned Mentor, etc. Additional functionality may include compliance processing, data verification, IT asset provisioning, persona-based multimedia messaging, bite-sized learning curriculum, and cultural immersion that extends well into the first six months of employment.

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