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Enterprise Video Content Management

Enterprise video content management (EVCM) enables one-to-any delivery of video for the enterprise, principally in support of corporate communications, training and collaboration, but also sales and marketing. Gartner defines enterprise video content management as follows: “Software, appliances or SaaS intended to manage and facilitate the delivery of one-to-any, on-demand or live video across internet protocols.” Products in this market were inspired by YouTube, as organizations sought a way to share video internally, without using external social media. They wanted a simple and safe way for employees to capture their videos and upload them without the need for specialist equipment or expertise.This on-demand delivery of video can support a variety of use cases but typically addresses the support of training as well as collaboration. Being able to stream video from one to any is also characteristic of live events, such as town halls and executive briefings.

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Meeting Solutions

Meeting solutions are real-time collaboration applications and associated endpoints that support interactions over a network between participants for team work, presentations, training and webinars. Some vendors segment their product lines to target and scale to one or several of those use cases, while others offer broad solutions that work for many purposes. Enterprise offerings in this market perform equally well for workers in meeting spaces, at their desks or when mobile, with integrated voice, video, messaging and content sharing. Organizations with complex needs typically have meeting solutions for internal use — for collaboration, learning and internal communication — that are separate from those for external use in sales or marketing. Such complex needs can result in running meeting solutions from more than one vendor. Complete meeting solutions enable richness of information and interaction by combining messaging, content and screen sharing, video and audio.

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Office Productivity Solutions - Others

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