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Access Management

The access management (AM) market is defined by customers’ needs to establish, enforce and manage runtime access controls for internal and external types of identities, interacting with cloud, modern standards-based web and legacy web applications. An AM vendor provides, at minimum, the following core capabilities: Identity administration of internal and external types of identities, including directory and identity synchronization services; User self-service, including end-user and administrative interfaces for user registration, password management, profile management and delegated administration; A workforce launchpad of applications or application gallery for single sign-on (SSO); Authorization and adaptive access, and support for modern identity protocols like OAuth 2.0; Session management; User authentication methods, including multifactor authentication (MFA), and SSO.

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Application Development, Integration and Management - Others

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Client Management Tools

End-user computing and support organizations use client management tools (CMTs) to automate endpoint management tasks. CMTs perform the following technical functions: • OS deployment • Hardware and software inventory • Software distribution • Patch management • Configuration management (e.g., scripts) • Security configuration management • Remote control Organizations primarily use CMTs to manage PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. Although most organizations still leverage separate management approaches for mobile devices and PCs, unified endpoint management (UEM) supports the convergence of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and CMT functionality. Organizations are increasingly looking for a single vendor and management platform to support PCs and mobile devices.

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Cloud Office Migration Tools

"Cloud office migration" refers to the process of consolidating and transferring a collection of workloads. Workloads can include emails, files, calendars, document types, related metadata, instant messages, applications, user permissions, compound structure and linked components. Migration of such workloads from at least one permanent on-premises platform or cloud office to a new cloud office environment, across a variety of similar product classes, is typical. During the migration process, enterprises will choose to cleanse their existing platforms by archiving old and outdated data. Migration tools are able to conduct an analysis of the respective workloads, identify if the data is deemed suitable for migration while maintaining its integrity, migrate the data between the source and target, and ensure governance in the subsequent platform.

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Crisis/Emergency Management Solutions

Crisis/Emergency Management Solutions help organizations consistently orchestrate and manage the data, resources, expenditures, communications and tasks used for response, recovery and restoration activities during and after a crisis. C/EMP solutions are also used to analyze the changing conditions during a crisis to ensure situational awareness as well as to ensure crisis/emergency management (C/EM) procedures are in compliance with government emergency management standards. Historically, C/EMP solutions have been used by government agencies, utilities and transportation organizations to manage the large public safety impacts of a crisis. However, other industries, including financial services and HDOs, are starting to use C/EMP solutions to demonstrate command and control across a mix of internal and external stakeholders during crisis events, as well as to align with national emergency/incident response management frameworks

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Data Center - Others

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Data Preparation Tools

Data preparation is an iterative and agile process for finding, combining, cleaning, transforming and sharing curated datasets for various data and analytics use cases including analytics/business intelligence (BI), data science/machine learning (ML) and self-service data integration. Data preparation tools promise faster time to delivery of integrated and curated data by allowing business users including analysts, citizen integrators, data engineers and citizen data scientists to integrate internal and external datasets for their use cases. Furthermore, they allow users to identify anomalies and patterns and improve and review the data quality of their findings in a repeatable fashion. Some tools embed ML algorithms that augment and, in some cases, completely automate certain repeatable and mundane data preparation tasks. Reduced time to delivery of data and insight is at the heart of this market.

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Data and Analytics - Others

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Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

Gartner’s view of the enterprise backup and recovery software solution market is focused on transformational technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today. Gartner defines the market as follows: Backup and recovery software solutions are designed to capture a point-in-time copy (backup) of an enterprise workload and write the data out to a secondary storage device for the purpose of recovering this data in case of loss. The solution can be offered as an appliance, as software only or as a vendor-managed service offering.

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Enterprise Information Archiving

Enterprise information archiving (EIA) solutions are designed for archiving data sources to a centralized platform to satisfy information governance requirements, including regulatory and/or corporate governance and privacy; improve data accessibility; surface new data insights; and gain operational efficiencies. There are several core capabilities of this market. They include archiving digital communication content, such as email, workstream collaboration, instant messaging (IM) and SMS; classifying data and enabling retention management of archive content; creating a searchable index of content; and providing basic tools for e-discovery and supervision.

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IT Infrastructure and Operations Management - Others

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IT Resilience Orchestration

IT Resilience Orchestration (ITRO) solutions are chiefly aimed at helping to improve the reliability, speed and granularity of workload recovery due to unplanned outages by automating disaster recovery (DR) processes while lowering costs of DR exercising and DR operations staff. Gartner’s ITRO definition focuses on tools that support a majority of these capabilities: • Automated failover, failback and availability/continuity management • Replication and orchestration • Discovery, dependency mapping and workload analysis • DR management and run book creation • Reporting and validation of recovery capability

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Insider Risk Management Solutions

Gartner defines insider risk management (IRM) as the tools and capabilities to measure, detect and contain undesirable behavior of trusted accounts within the organization. In response to a recognized need to minimize the effects of unwanted activity within the organization and key partners, security and risk management leaders have to mitigate risk. This market consists of tools and solutions to monitor the behavior of employees, service partners and key suppliers working inside the organization, and to evaluate whether behavior falls within expectations of role and corporate risk tolerance. Insider risk may involve errors, fraud, theft of confidential or commercially valuable information, or the sabotage of computer systems.

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SaaS Management Platforms

SaaS management platforms (SMPs) allow IT operations administrators to manage the day-to-day operations for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and other frequently used SaaS applications. SMPs allow IT administrators to manage application policies, take corrective action, track application usage and automate IT administrative tasks.

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Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

The structured data archiving and application retirement market is identified by an array of technology solutions that manage the life cycle of application-generated data and accommodate corporate and regulatory compliance requirements. Application-generated data is inclusive of databases and related unstructured data. SDA solutions focus on improving the storage efficiency of data generated by on-premises and cloud-based applications and orchestrating the retirement of legacy application data and their infrastructure. The SDA market includes solutions that can be deployed on-premises, and on private and public infrastructure, and includes managed services offerings such as SaaS or PaaS.

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Unified Endpoint Management Tools

Gartner defines unified endpoint management (UEM) as a tool that provides agent and agentless management of computers and mobile devices through a single console. Modern UEM tools: Provide a user-centric view of devices across device platforms Offer agent and/or agentless management through native Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS controls Offer agentless management through native Apple iOS/iPad OS and Google Android controls Aggregate telemetry and signal from identities, apps, connectivity and devices to inform policy and related actions Aggregate and analyze technology performance and employee experience data Integrate with identity, security and remote-access tools to support zero-trust access and contextual authentication, vulnerability, policy, configuration, and data management Manage nontraditional devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables and rugged handhelds

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