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Application Integration Platforms

"Application integration platforms enable independently designed applications, apps and services to work together. Key capabilities of application integration technologies include: • Communication functionality that reliably moves messages/data among endpoints. • Support for fundamental web and web services standards. • Functionality that dynamically binds consumer and provider endpoints. • Message validation, mapping, transformation and enrichment. • Orchestration. • Support for multiple interaction patterns, content-based routing and typed messages.

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Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Gartner defines enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS) as a combination of integration technology functionalities that are delivered as a suite of cloud services and designed to support enterprise-class integration initiatives. An EiPaaS provider offers high availability, disaster recovery, security, SLAs and technical support. It also enables users to develop and execute multiple integration scenarios by providing support for multiple personas. The EiPaaS vendor must fully manage platform operations, patching and upgrades. EiPaaS offerings are public, stand-alone products that subscribers use directly, as opposed to integration capabilities embedded in another offering (such as a SaaS application or application PaaS).

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Integration Brokerage

Integration brokerage (IB) is a service offering within the market category of IT services that is oriented toward electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B e-commerce integration services. These services include initial integration and recurring managed services but can also include cloud service integration, mobile app integration and Internet of Things (IoT) integration. One form of IB is focused on B2B integration and is often called B2B-or EDI-managed services because of its origins and sustained, prominent use in e-commerce. Another form of IB, delivered from system integrators is focused on internal application-to-application (A2A) integration. More recently, these two different types of IB started to compete with each other in A2A and B2B scenarios, and also increasingly for cloud service integration (CSI), mobile app integration and (nascent) IoT integration.

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