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Application Development, Integration and Management - Others

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SolarWinds has 2 products in Application Development, Integration and Management - Others market

Application Performance Monitoring


Gartner defines application performance monitoring (APM) suites as one or more software and/or hardware components that facilitate monitoring to meet three main functional dimensions: (1) Digital experience monitoring (DEM) (2) Application discovery, tracing and diagnostics (ADTD) (3) Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) for applications. Gartner continues to include DEM and AIOps for applications as components of our APM suite evaluations, while also evaluating them as a separate markets.

SolarWinds has 4 products in Application Performance Monitoring market

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools


IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools (ITIM) capture the availability of the IT infrastructure components that reside in a data center or are hosted in the cloud as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). These tools monitor and collate the availability and resource utilization metrics of servers, networks, database instances, hypervisors and storage. Notably, these tools collect metrics in real time and perform historical data analysis or trending of the elements they monitor.

SolarWinds has 2 products in IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools market

IT Infrastructure and Operations Management - Others

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SolarWinds has 1 product in IT Infrastructure and Operations Management - Others market

IT Service Management Tools


ITSM tools help infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations manage the consumption of IT services, the infrastructure that supports the IT services, and the IT organization’s responsibility in delivering business value with these services. These are most heavily used by IT service desks and IT service delivery functions to support the tasks and workflows for processes including incident, request, problem, change, service level, knowledge, and configuration management.

SolarWinds has 2 products in IT Service Management Tools market

Network Automation and Orchestration Tools

Network Automation and Orchestration Tools automate the maintenance of virtual and physical network device configurations, providing an opportunity to lower costs, reduce human error and improve compliance with configuration policies.

SolarWinds has 1 product in Network Automation and Orchestration Tools market

Network Performance Monitoring


The Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) market consists of tools that leverage a combination of data sources to provide a holistic view of how networks (including corporate on-premises, cloud, multicloud, hybrid and other networks) are performing. Data sources include: Network-device-generated traffic data Raw network packets Network-device-generated health metrics and events NPM tools provide diagnostic workflows and forensic data to identify the root causes of performance degradations — increasingly through the adoption of advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning algorithms (ML). Finally, based on network-derived performance data, NPM tools provide insight into the quality of the end-user experience.

SolarWinds has 3 products in Network Performance Monitoring market

Security Information and Event Management


Gartner defines the security and information event management (SIEM) market by the customer’s need to analyze event data in real time for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches, and to collect, store, investigate and report on log data for incident response, forensics and regulatory compliance. SIEM technology aggregates event data produced by security devices, network infrastructure, systems and applications. The primary data source is log data, but SIEM technology can also process other forms of data, such as network telemetry. Event data is combined with contextual information about users, assets, threats and vulnerabilities. The data may be normalized, so that events, data and contextual information from disparate sources can be analyzed for specific purposes, such as network security event monitoring, user activity monitoring and compliance reporting. The technology provides real-time analysis of events for security monitoring, query and long-range analytics for historical analysis.

SolarWinds has 1 product in Security Information and Event Management market