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Data Integration Tools

The market for data integration tools includes vendors that offer software products to enable the construction and implementation of data access and data delivery infrastructure for a variety of data integration scenarios. For vendors, the demand for traditional data integration capabilities alongside the demand for innovative solutions requires robust, consistent delivery of highly developed solutions. Similarly, data integration tools interoperate and integrate with master data tools, data governance tools and data quality tools. Examples of this type of interoperability include: • Support for governance and management of data assets • Data acquisition for analytics and business intelligence (BI) and data • Sourcing and delivery of master data in support of master data management (MDM) • Data consistency between operational applications • Interenterprise data sharing.

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Event Stream Processing

Event stream processing (ESP) platforms are software systems that perform real-time or near-real-time calculations on event data "in motion." The input is one or more event streams containing data about customer orders, insurance claims, bank deposits/withdrawals, tweets, Facebook postings, emails, financial or other markets, or sensor data from physical assets such as vehicles, mobile devices or machines. The platforms process the input data as it arrives (hence "in motion"), before optionally storing it in some persistent store. They retain a relatively small working set of stream data in memory, just long enough to perform calculations on a set of recent data for the duration of a time window.

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