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Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services (Global)

Gartner's view of the market is focused on transformational technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today. This Magic Quadrant evaluates the leading service providers' ability to deliver DCO/HIMS globally. DCO/HIMS is composed of the following (see the definitions below): · Data Center Outsourcing Services · Managed Services for Traditional Data Center Environments · Mainframe managed services · ERP hosting managed services · Managed Servers and Network equipment · Managed Services for Hosted and Private cloud Infrastructure · Managed Services for Public Cloud and Edge Environments · Hybrid infrastructure managed services (HIMS) · Data center consolidation and transformation services · Cloud migration services This complex set of data center capabilities and services is increasingly based on managed virtual private cloud services plus hyperscale public cloud services.

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Managed Workplace Services, Europe (transitioning to Outsourced Digital Workplace Services)

Gartner defines managed workplace services (MWS) as a subset of the IT outsourcing (ITO) market. MWS includes traditional end-user outsourcing (EUO) as well as new digital workplace services to provide cloud-first, automated and integrated support to end users. EUO services include: Service desk Desktop/laptop outsourcing services, for both physical and virtual devices Mobility services, to manage mobile devices and tablets MWS is centered on delivering a digital workplace experience that promotes the digital dexterity of end users, boosting employee engagement and agility through a more consumerized work environment, and increasing employee retention.

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SAP Application Services, Worldwide

This market is focused on the full life cycle of SAP application services, spanning project-based implementation and multiyear application management services (AMS). Evaluate service providers for their ability to deliver a comprehensive set of implementation and management services across the SAP portfolio of products for clients worldwide. Comprehensive is defined as follows: • A distinct offering, consistent with common market service offerings as defined by the following: scope of service, delivery structure, intellectual property (IP), roles and responsibilities, service metrics and levels, terms and conditions, and pricing model. • A consolidated set of distinct offerings to address industry-specific demand or cross-industry demand, where the offering is recognized by clients or analysts as an integrated offering.

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Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

The structured data archiving and application retirement market is identified by an array of technology solutions that manage the life cycle of application-generated data and accommodate corporate and regulatory compliance requirements. Application-generated data is inclusive of databases and related unstructured data. SDA solutions focus on improving the storage efficiency of data generated by on-premises and cloud-based applications and orchestrating the retirement of legacy application data and their infrastructure. The SDA market includes solutions that can be deployed on-premises, and on private and public infrastructure, and includes managed services offerings such as SaaS or PaaS.

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