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Information Stewardship Applications

Information stewardship applications are business solutions used by business users acting in the role of information steward. For the most part, these developing solutions represent a combination of a number of disparate, previously IT-centric tools that are already on the market. They are, however, organized and presented in such a way that information stewards can support the work of information policy enforcement — as part of their normal, business-centric day-to-day work — in a range of use cases. The set of use cases is growing and now includes, but is not limited to: Policy analysis/setting Policy enforcement and change Policy execution

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Metadata Management Solutions

Metadata management is about an organization’s management of its data and information assets. Metadata describes the various facets of an information asset that can improve its usability throughout its life cycle. Enterprise metadata management (EMM) encompasses the roles, responsibilities, processes, organization and technology necessary to ensure that the metadata across the enterprise adds value to that enterprise’s data. EMM is different to metadata management, which only operates at the level of a single program, project or initiative; EMM works across all. The market for metadata management solutions comprises vendors that include one or many metadata management capabilities such as • Metadata repositories • Business glossary • Data lineage • Impact analysis • Rules management • Semantic • Metadata ingestion and translation

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