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Higher Education Catalog and Curriculum Management Solutions

Catalog and curriculum management systems automate and enhance the procedures and processes used by educators and administrators to manage courses and programs: *Collaborative creation *Curriculum design, proposal, review and approval workflow *Selection and maintenance of metadata *Impact assessment *External accreditation These systems support workflow around course design, proposal and approval, and can act as the system of record for course, program and curriculum information. They can track key attributes and dependencies (such as prerequisites), and map courses to curriculum, documenting and enforcing institutional governance. They may create and synchronize the course catalog for display on the institution’s website, and support curriculum planning and course logistics. Functionality may also support course, program, and institutional assessment and accreditation.

Tribal Group has 1 product in Higher Education Catalog and Curriculum Management Solutions market

Higher Education Student Information Systems

The SIS, a core system of record (SOR) for higher education institutions, supports and delivers services for routine administrative and academic activities. Specifically, the SIS supports back-office administrator and student- and faculty-facing functionality, including management of institutional information assets that include student prospects, applicants and matriculants. Additionally, the SIS manages vital student assets, including course offerings, course registrations, grades and transcripts throughout the student life cycle. Current market offerings vary in size, scope, regionalization, functional capability and delivery options. Offerings can range from individual components to enterprisewide integrated solutions, or they may be part of a larger administrative ERP application suite.

Tribal Group has 1 product in Higher Education Student Information Systems market