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Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications

The integrated IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) market provides technology solutions that can present the interrelated perspectives, views and considerations needed to make strategic decisions, as more enterprises shift from initiating to scaling digital business. IIPA vendors offer versatile and dynamic portfolio analysis and management, enabling users to create, connect and share portfolios. IIPA products can associate defined business objectives and expected business outcomes with a variety of contextual IT portfolios. IT investments, IT projects and programs, IT services, IT assets and applications, and digital products can all be aligned with digital business objectives and outcomes to present a holistic view of how the overall “IT portfolio” will enable scaled digital endeavors. Additionally, IIPA products can also support the accelerating shift from IT project thinking to IT product thinking and management, as well as track DevOps programs.

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Product Roadmapping Tools for Software Engineering

Product roadmapping tools for software engineering have simplified product-related communication and streamlined product management and development efforts. This document profiles selected vendors and tools that can assist with: Management of software product vision and strategy alignment Communication of ideas and requirements Decision making through an understanding of user behavior, data and analytics, priorities, and consequences Defining software features and business capabilities, and handling backlogs Planning and tracking software development releases Financial and budget management Collaboration on timelines Communication, negotiation and updates Integration planning and resource tracking Report generation and notifications Managing feedback from developers, teams and users Support for continuous development and continuous integration

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Strategic Portfolio Management

Gartner defines the Strategic Portfolio Management market as a set of business capabilities, processes and supporting portfolio management technology. Business leaders, enterprise portfolio management office (EPMO) leaders, and IT leaders require SPM to support enterprise-wide strategy-to-execution alignment and adaptation. The emerging SPM market addresses the integrated portfolio management technology needs of business leaders, EPMO leaders, and IT leaders. SPM technology supports clear definition of key business strategies and desired business outcomes, and formulation and mapping of these with key portfolio elements, such as business capabilities, investments, programs, digital and physical products, applications, and projects.

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