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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

The network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) appliance market is composed of stand-alone physical and virtual appliances that inspect defined network traffic either on-premises or in the cloud. They are often located in the network to inspect traffic that has passed through perimeter security devices, such as firewalls, secure Web gateways and secure email gateways. IDPS devices are deployed in-line and perform full-stream reassembly of network traffic. They provide detection via several methods — for example, signatures, protocol anomaly detection, behavioral monitoring or heuristics, advanced threat defense (ATD) integration, and threat intelligence (TI). When deployed in-line, IDPSs can also use various techniques to detect and block attacks that are identified with high confidence; this is one of the primary benefits of this technology. Next-generation IDPSs have evolved in response to advanced targeted threats that can evade first-generation IDPSs.

Zeek (Bro IDS) has 1 product in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems market