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Executive Summary: Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda

1 January 2011


Modest budget growth and growing legacy requirements have forced CIOs and IT to make heavy operational commitments. New lighter-weight technologies and IT models enable CIOs to reimagine IT and focus on two objectives that elude many IT organizations: growth and strategic impact. ...

Analyst(s): Mark P. McDonald Dave Aron

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: License and Entitlement Management — Using the IoT to Create Opportunity for Software Monetization

2 May 2017 |  10 November 2015


Internet of Things: Gartner's Definition Strategic Planning Assumption Agenda: Trends shaping IoT; Protecting intellectual property; License and entitlement management: buy or build? Everyone Becomes a Software Provider Internet of Things Adoption Polling Question: What is the primary ...

Analyst(s): Laurie F. Wurster

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Enabling Future Smart Workspaces With IoT

3 August 2017 |  30 March 2016


The CIOs' Top Mobile Challenges, 2016-2019 Key Issues IoT in "Connected Home" and "Smart Workspace" IoT Impact on Device Providers Around Smart Workspace Timeline for Smart Workspace — Development Phases Short-Term Strategy and Investment Areas Short Term: Where Work Gets Done Is Changing ...

Analyst(s): Annette Jump

Bimodal Is Essential for Balancing Innovation and Capability in Manufacturing Operations

14 August 2017 |  11 March 2016


Bimodal creates opportunity for manufacturers to explore and nurture new manufacturing models only available in the digital world. Mode 2 requires manufacturers to develop different ROI models than Mode 1 initiatives. Operationalizing Mode 2 successes into Mode 1 will be a challenge ...

Analyst(s): Simon F Jacobson Dana Stiffler

Securing the Internet of Things

13 September 2017 |  12 May 2016


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) involves a change of mindset among current information security practitioners. The upsurge in technological innovation that permits unprecedented access to data for visibility and initiates physical actions (automation) has also raised complexity ...

Analyst(s): Earl Perkins

Building a Digital Business Technology Platform

19 December 2017 |  8 June 2016


A digital business is supported by technology platforms in five areas: Information systems platform — Supports the back office and operations, such as ERP and core systems. Customer experience platform — Contains the main customer-facing elements, such as customer and citizen portals, ...

Analyst(s): Hung LeHong Chris Howard Dennis Gaughan Debra Logan

Industry Visions for Digital Business Set the Terms of Competition

2 April 2018 |  23 May 2016


An industry vision proposes nothing less than the complete redefinition of the enterprise, as well as the industry. It is one vision of many that could be possible for any given industry. The purpose of an industry vision is to stretch thinking about what is possible. An industry ...

Analyst(s): Kristin R. Moyer

Adapting Your IT Strategy for a Cloud-Dominated Business Application Environment

19 December 2017 |  24 August 2016


The advent of cloud computing created a new way of deploying and using the major business applications that are vital to organizations, but CIOs and applications leaders continue to discover that this seemingly simple new model raises a host of complex questions. Can they confidently ...

Analyst(s): Alexander Drobik Michael Maoz

Special Report: Cybersecurity at the Speed of Digital Business

7 December 2017 |  30 August 2016


Cybersecurity is a critical part of digital business, with its broad external ecosystem and new challenges in an open digital world. The scope of cybersecurity is expanding and becoming digital security (see Figure 1). As organizations transition to digital business, cybersecurity ...

Analyst(s): Paul E. Proctor Ray Wagner

A Clear Maturity Model Lights the CIO's Digital Healthcare Payer Path

5 March 2018 |  23 September 2016


Payer CIOs must engineer the transformation of their IT capabilities in order to interoperate successfully in a digital world and deliver on their customers' digital business requirements. Many healthcare payer CIOs are weaving toward the digital payer capability state, rather than ...

Analyst(s): Brad Holmes Constance Sjoquist Jeff Cribbs Steven Lefebure