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Executive Summary: Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda

1 January 2011


Modest budget growth and growing legacy requirements have forced CIOs and IT to make heavy operational commitments. New lighter-weight technologies and IT models enable CIOs to reimagine IT and focus on two objectives that elude many IT organizations: growth and strategic impact. ...

Analyst(s): Mark P. McDonald Dave Aron

Make Mobile Part of Your Digital Workplace Strategy

25 July 2016 |  26 March 2015


Rapidly changing mobile technologies are challenging enterprises in the design and development of their digital workplace initiatives. Changing usage patterns necessitate that IT continues to change its approach to end-user devices, services and applications to support aspects of ...

Analyst(s): Leif-Olof Wallin Ken Dulaney Matthew W. Cain

Powering Customer Experience With the Trusted 360-Degree View

21 September 2016 |  26 May 2015


Requirements for a trusted 360-degree view of the customer to enhance the customer experience (CX) are forcing information leaders to initiate or expand master data management (MDM) programs at an increasingly rapid pace. Information leaders at CX-focused organizations that have already ...

Analyst(s): Bill O'Kane Saul Judah

The Five Models of Security Operation Centers

7 December 2016 |  22 October 2015


Security operations centers (SOCs) are being increasingly adopted by organizations to provide threat detection, response and prevention capabilities; consolidate and centralize security operations functions; and meet regulatory and legal requirements for security monitoring, threat ...

Analyst(s): Oliver Rochford Craig Lawson

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: License and Entitlement Management — Using the IoT to Create Opportunity for Software Monetization

2 May 2017 |  10 November 2015


Internet of Things: Gartner's Definition Strategic Planning Assumption Agenda: Trends shaping IoT; Protecting intellectual property; License and entitlement management: buy or build? Everyone Becomes a Software Provider Internet of Things Adoption Polling Question: What is the primary ...

Analyst(s): Laurie F. Wurster

IoT Data Proliferation Elevates Data Integration Challenges

4 August 2017 |  23 February 2016


Integration and information leaders must be aware of the following: The increase of highly distributed, massive-volume and diverse data from Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is adding complexity to data integration. Growing demand to ingest and interact with fast-moving streams ...

Analyst(s): Eric Thoo Ted Friedman

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Enabling Future Smart Workspaces With IoT

3 August 2017 |  30 March 2016


The CIOs' Top Mobile Challenges, 2016-2019 Key Issues IoT in "Connected Home" and "Smart Workspace" IoT Impact on Device Providers Around Smart Workspace Timeline for Smart Workspace — Development Phases Short-Term Strategy and Investment Areas Short Term: Where Work Gets Done Is Changing ...

Analyst(s): Annette Jump

How to Implement a Hybrid Integration Platform to Tackle Pervasive Integration

23 October 2017 |  16 March 2016


Many directors of integration are finding that their established integration platforms are insufficient to address the emerging pervasive integration requirements, but are unsure how to evolve their technology strategy. Innovative platforms (iPaaS, iSaaS and API management) support ...

Analyst(s): Massimo Pezzini Jess Thompson Keith Guttridge Elizabeth Golluscio

Securing the Internet of Things

13 September 2017 |  12 May 2016


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) involves a change of mindset among current information security practitioners. The upsurge in technological innovation that permits unprecedented access to data for visibility and initiates physical actions (automation) has also raised complexity ...

Analyst(s): Earl Perkins

Building a Digital Business Technology Platform

8 June 2016


A digital business is supported by technology platforms in five areas: Information systems platform — Supports the back office and operations, such as ERP and core systems. Customer experience platform — Contains the main customer-facing elements, such as customer and citizen portals, ...

Analyst(s): Hung LeHong Chris Howard Dennis Gaughan Debra Logan