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Executive Summary: Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda

1 January 2011


Modest budget growth and growing legacy requirements have forced CIOs and IT to make heavy operational commitments. New lighter-weight technologies and IT models enable CIOs to reimagine IT and focus on two objectives that elude many IT organizations: growth and strategic impact. ...

Analyst(s): Mark P. McDonald Dave Aron

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: License and Entitlement Management — Using the IoT to Create Opportunity for Software Monetization

2 May 2017 |  10 November 2015


Internet of Things: Gartner's Definition Strategic Planning Assumption Agenda: Trends shaping IoT; Protecting intellectual property; License and entitlement management: buy or build? Everyone Becomes a Software Provider Internet of Things Adoption Polling Question: What is the primary ...

Analyst(s): Laurie F. Wurster

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Enabling Future Smart Workspaces With IoT

3 August 2017 |  30 March 2016


The CIOs' Top Mobile Challenges, 2016-2019 Key Issues IoT in "Connected Home" and "Smart Workspace" IoT Impact on Device Providers Around Smart Workspace Timeline for Smart Workspace — Development Phases Short-Term Strategy and Investment Areas Short Term: Where Work Gets Done Is Changing ...

Analyst(s): Annette Jump

Securing the Internet of Things

13 September 2017 |  12 May 2016


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) involves a change of mindset among current information security practitioners. The upsurge in technological innovation that permits unprecedented access to data for visibility and initiates physical actions (automation) has also raised complexity ...

Analyst(s): Earl Perkins

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Putting the 'Service' Back Into 'as a Service'

1 September 2016


As-a-Service Providers Are Leaving Up to 60% of Their Potential Revenue on the Table 60% of Buyers Will Switch Service Providers Within the Next Three Years 59% of Buyers Can't See Any Real Difference Between Providers Cosmetic Changes Will not Be Enough to Revive Tired Traditional ...

Analyst(s): Rob Addy

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Creating Customer Value for Wearables in Enterprise

20 September 2016


In 2020, Revenue From Wearable Devices Is $60 Billion Wearable Devices Overall Are Emerging Technologies Wearables for Business Use — Targeted Opportunities Approaches to Winning With Wearables in Enterprise Improve Customer Experience and Operations Wearables Bring New Insights About ...

Analyst(s): Angela McIntyre

Harness IoT Innovation to Generate Business Value

21 October 2016


The Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver business benefits ranging from operational improvements, such as predictive maintenance, to digital business transformation, such as selling product usage as a service. Gartner research has identified a wide range of use cases from across virtually ...

Analyst(s): Chet Geschickter

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: Key Considerations for a Successful IoT Services GTM Strategy

31 January 2017


While You Are Waiting for Our Webinar to Begin, You Might Be Interested in the Downloads on the Attachment Tab IoT Is Fast Becoming Reality … and Services Opportunity Prevails Key Issues Buyer Challenges Continue With IoT … Let's Discuss Understand Your Buyer IoT Integration Challenges ...

Analyst(s): Denise Rueb

Practical Blockchain: A Gartner Trend Insight Report

3 March 2017


Blockchain technologies offer a radical departure from the current transaction and record-keeping mechanisms and can serve as a foundation of disruptive digital businesses, for both established enterprises and startups. Blockchain technologies enable a standard trust architecture ...

Analyst(s): David Furlonger Ray Valdes

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: IT Spending Forecast, 4Q16 Update — What Will Make the Headlines in 2017?

14 March 2017


Global IT Spending and Growth for 2017 IT Spending Forecast (Constant Dollar): 4Q16 Versus 3Q16 Average Doesn't Mean Much; the Market Has Polarized Polarization by Country Apple Outsells Microsoft in 2016 The Headline Ought to Be: Bronze and Silver Switch Places Cloud Is Still a Pure ...

Analyst(s): John-David Lovelock Fabrizio Biscotti Rajesh Kandaswamy Martin Reynolds