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Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

24 April 2017


... responsive design for mobile and built-in SEO with preview capabilities. Multichannel retail functionality: BigCommerce has ... a multitenant SaaS offering with native support for SEO, PIM, WCM, enterprise search, customer engagement and payments, ... operational expenditure product information management point of sale search engine optimization software development kit small or midsize business total ...

Analyst(s): Penny Gillespie Mike Lowndes Chris Fletcher Jason Daigler Yanna Dharmasthira Sandy Shen

PPM in 2030: Smaller, Smarter and Not Entirely Human

30 March 2017


... the new role of the strategic execution officer (SEO). All strategic change leaders (SCLs), formerly program managers ( ... strategic change initiatives are planned and executed, the SEO deals with planning, mobilization and the initiation of ... management is shared between the functions of the SEO and that of the CISCs. Data, questions, and " ...

Analyst(s): Michael Hanford

Leverage the Digital Commerce Technology Ecosystem to Optimize IT Decisions

5 July 2017


... integration costs. Step 5: Evaluate search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. Given that the number of customers starting ... is continually increasing (regardless of intended purchase channel), SEO is necessary for getting customers to engage. Search ... Platforms include a shopping cart, various levels of SEO via tagging and mapping, and search capabilities for ...

Analyst(s): Penny Gillespie

Market Insight: How to Sell the Connected Home

3 July 2017


... marketing and communication. A lot of effort in SEO. Through Retail Barriers to entry in large online ... Direct sales force. Training. Business-grade support. SEO = search engine optimization For those new devices and equipment, technology product ... it-yourself heating, ventilation and air conditioning search engine optimization Saudi Telecom Company virtual private assistant Some documents ...

Analyst(s): Stephanie Baghdassarian Fernando Elizalde

Introducing Gartner's Marketing Performance Benchmarks Tool: A Quick Reference Guide

23 May 2017


... It includes web (website and search engine optimization [SEO]), mobile marketing, social media marketing, partner/channel marketing, ... calculate the percentage each channel amounts to: website/SEO, mobile, email, social and offline. Use these definitions for your spend calculations: Website/SEO is a company's online presence and SEO ...

Analyst(s): Haixia Wang

Market Guide for Content Marketing Platforms

28 March 2017


... content creation marketplace and Linkdex — search engine optimization [SEO] software) making it a feature-rich CMP. ... underlies some of the core social listening and SEO insights within the platform that differentiate it from ... -in planning view based on social and SEO data supports content ideation beyond looking at a ...

Analyst(s): Kirsten Newbold-Knipp Christopher Ross

Market Guide for Digital Commerce Search

12 January 2017


... Sophisticated solutions include merchandising capabilities, category pages for SEO and promotions, and increasingly integrated personalization. While digital ... -down selectors, visual navigators) Long-tail SEO and campaign landing page (category) management Semiautomated landing ... Multilingual Relevance Tuning Recommendations Geolocation-Based Search SEO Mgmt. Personalization Merchandising (Campaign Mgmt.) Conversational Interface- ...

Analyst(s): Mike Lowndes

Survey Analysis: Map Marketing Technology Investments to Key Value Drivers by Business Context

21 April 2017


... SEM) and the adoption of search engine optimization (SEO) tools to support those capabilities. At least half of all marketers surveyed adopted SEM/SEO tools. But one in five B2C respondents said they weren't familiar SEM/SEO tools — a surprise, considering search engine marketing ranked ...

Analyst(s): Bryan Yeager Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

Use Zero-Based Budgeting Techniques to Improve Marketing Performance

3 May 2017


... ongoing search engine optimization: A search engine optimization (SEO) program has been in place over the last 18 months. SEO is managed by a specialist team within the ... Months) Alignment With Marketing Objectives* Project A — Ongoing Search Engine Optimization 100,000 400 12 Medium/high Project B — ...

Analyst(s): Ewan McIntyre

How to Build a User Experience Team

24 January 2017


... of the information architect and search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. Common deliverables of a content strategist include ... In customer-facing web projects in which SEO is a priority, the content strategist will have responsibility for executing the SEO strategy. The content strategist is often a leadership ...

Analyst(s): Magnus Revang