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Winning in a World of Digital Dragons

07 May 2019


EDT: 10:00 a.m. | PDT: 7:00 a.m. | BST: 15:00 Digital disruption is coming to every industry and geography. Digital Dragons like Alibaba, Amazon and others are playing evolving roles related not only to technology, but also to customer experience, payment, data and insight. They have deep pockets, great talent and attractive brands. This complimentary digital business webinar helps answer the most pressing question we all face: How should businesses and their leaders think about, plan for and play with the Digital Dragons to be most successful?

Analyst(s): Dave Aron

Strategies to Maximize Your Java Investments

06 May 2019


EDT: 11:00 a.m. | PDT: 8:00 a.m. | BST: 16:00 Oracle recently announced significant changes to how it is released, licensed and supported. For example, public patches for Java 8 have now ended and the Java 11 license restricts production deployments. In this complimentary webinar, we cut through the confusion, hype and uncertainty around the new dynamics and offer strategies that Java adopters can leverage to maximize their Java investments moving forward.

Analyst(s): Mark Driver

Building a Cloud Enterprise Strategy

30 Apr 2019


When we see through the hazes of wild prognostication, the growth of the public cloud continues to be strong. By 2021, we expect hyperscale providers to account for nearly 70 percent of the market. Public cloud providers will continue to build cloud native offerings, but an increasing number of enterprises use cloud IaaS for mission-critical workloads. To effectively consume cloud, enterprises need a solid strategy, but building an enterprise cloud strategy can be filled with tumult. In this complimentary webinar, you discover the steps needed to build your most effective cloud strategy. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Raj Bala

Digital Business Transformation Canvas: A Simple Structure to Align Your Journey

30 Apr 2019


Digital business transformation is by nature an iterative, at times erratic and often confusing effort that can quickly derail if not carefully guided. To do this, it requires a firm foundation. This complimentary webinar outlines what a Digital Business Transformation Canvas is, what it should contain and pitfalls to avoid. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Tomas Nielsen

Make Talent the Key Enabler of Your I&T Operating Model Evolution

29 Apr 2019


An information and technology (I&T) operating model represents how an organization orchestrates its I&T capabilities to achieve its strategic business objectives. Talent is a key enabler of this operating model. CIOs must ensure the enterprise has the roles, skills and competencies required to enable the I&T operating model and execute the business strategy. In this complimentary webinar, we explore what I&T talent and workforce capabilities are needed for each I&T operating model pattern, and guide CIOs on how to prepare the organization for the evolution. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Lily Mok

New CIOs: 3 Actions to Quickly Become Influential Among C-Suite

29 Apr 2019


One of a new CIO?s first challenges -- no matter if he or she has prior experience or is brand new to the position -- is to establish a good rapport with C-Suite members and become influential among them.That can make the difference between being seen as the ?IT person?? or being considered a trusted ally among the top management. Under normal conditions, it can take many months or a few years, but in this complimentary webinar, we reveal the 3 actions that can accelerate a new CIO?s influence in the enterprise. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Daniel Sanchez Reina

Midsize Enterprises: Adopt a Lean Security Organization to Mitigate the Skills Shortage

25 Apr 2019


Smaller organizations face the same threats as larger ones, but often have considerably fewer resources. Hence, their IT and security leaders must make difficult trade-offs when implementing a security program. Organizations fight the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats by trying to grow their digital security teams. However, this also increases the existing shortage in qualified, experienced security people. This complimentary webinars provides case studies to show you how a "lean" approach to security staffing can help alleviate this challenge. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Tom Scholtz

Manufacturing AI Simplified: Introduce, Engage, Ideate

24 Apr 2019


Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to your organization can be challenging. How do you deliver a message that is both compelling and energizing? Can you explain it without getting into the technical details? This complimentary webinar offers simple, non-technical approaches to introduce AI to your manufacturing organization. We provide relatable use cases to stimulate thinking of ideas where AI can influence efficiency and reduce waste. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Ellen Eichhorn

Getting Real About AI, Data Science and Machine Learning: Gartner Talks

24 Apr 2019


So many questions still surround artificial intelligence (AI), data science and machine learning. Yet, the questions are getting far less theoretical as more organizations look to take advantage of these technologies now. Organizations are asking more about how they can apply these technologies, how long it will take to gain the benefits, and how to train staff -- or if they need to hire new staff. Join us for this complimentary video webinar as Gartner experts Austin Kronz and Peter Krensky address the most pressing questions asked directly by your peers. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Austin Kronz Peter Krensky

Global Labor Market Trends to Make an Impact Tomorrow

23 Apr 2019


In today?s hyper-competitive labor market it is important for HR leaders to continuously source and understand labor market intelligence. In this complimentary webinar with expert Scott Engler, we share key data points and insights about the labor market trends making the biggest impact. These insights will help you gain a better understanding of the labor market, to adapt your strategy and set your business up for success. Questions about registering or watching? Email us:

Analyst(s): Scott Engler

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