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Five Steps for CIOs to Cultivate Digital Leadership Mindsets and Behaviors

27 Apr 2017


EDT: 10:00 a.m. | PDT: 7:00 a.m. | GMT: 14:00 Success in digital business requires different leadership traits than those forged in the past. The thinking necessary won't happen by chance. To equip teams for future success CIOs can leverage five practical steps designed to hone the digital leadership demanded by today's market reality.

Analyst(s): Graham P. Waller

Data Center Modernization and Infrastructure Agility Trends

26 Apr 2017


IT infrastructure professionals must plan for business transformation by leveraging modern data center technologies such as flash-based storage, containers and software-defined technologies. IT organizations should move to more of a buy-versus-build mentality for infrastructure systems. Data protection and business-critical services must consider hybrid architectures. Data center modernization and infrastructure agility initiatives are at the heart of digital transformation

Analyst(s): Matthew Brisse

The Five-Year I&O Automation Scenario

26 Apr 2017


Automation of infrastructure and operations (I&O) processes promises significant efficiency, operations and financial advantages. I&O organizations that are mature enough to articulate a vision, change their culture and harness the capabilities of the multiple automation technologies that will change their fortunes.

Analyst(s): Terrence Cosgrove

Architecting Portable and Multicloud Applications

20 Apr 2017


You're ready to build public cloud applications, but you don't want to be tied to a single cloud service provider. Whether you're interested in keeping your options open in the future or in a multiprovider strategy today, this webinar tells you how to architect portable cloud applications.

Analyst(s): Traverse Clayton

Three Stages of Platform Planning: Modernize, Innovate, Reinvent

20 Apr 2017


Application leaders must understand the trends in application platforms to choose and plan new solutions, platform technologies, cloud services, architecture directions, skills, policies and organization models - with confidence. Informed readiness today will translate to business competitive advantage tomorrow.

Analyst(s): Yefim V. Natis

How Demand Forecasting Optimizes Distributed Order Management

19 Apr 2017


Retailers are increasingly investing in distributed order management systems to manage the complexity of order fulfilment brought about by the expansion of shopping options available to consumers. To achieve optimal fulfilment performance, retailers need to not just react to consumer order requests, but also to forecast them, and in doing so, predict how consumers will shop.

Analyst(s): Tom Enright

2017 IT Services Scenario: A Roadmap for Service Providers' Future Success

18 Apr 2017


We are in the midst of some major recalibrations of the IT services market that will impact service providers' opportunities and value propositions. The IT services market opportunity is not defined by a single trend or force, but rather by multiple trends and forces. In this webinar, we examine four dynamic and interconnected forces that we predict will have the most impact in defining the evolving opportunity for providers: Digital business, cloud first, intelligent automation and business solutions. We look at Gartner reference frameworks and relevant predictions of their impact to help service providers examine their own strategies and chart their response.

Analyst(s): Gianluca Tramacere Allie Young

Six Steps to Change Leadership - The ESCAPE Model

17 Apr 2017


The digital era is characterized by uncertainty and constant change. Digital business demands transformation that requires significant cultural and organizational change. Change methods of the past -"change management" - are not sufficient for success. What is needed is "change leadership." The ESCAPE model provides six actionable steps to move to change leadership.

Analyst(s): Elise Olding Christie Struckman

Establishing Your Digital Experience Platform

13 Apr 2017


IT leaders must assemble and establish platforms that sense and respond to evolving digital business demands and opportunities. Much of the technology they look to will derive from foundational web technologies, like horizontal portals, web content management systems and e-commerce platforms. But the future digital experience platform (DXP) must be more than a sum of these parts. In this session, we discuss the qualities and capabilities of the successful DXP.

Analyst(s): Gene Phifer

Prepare Your Enterprise Network for Digital Business and Cloud

12 Apr 2017


An increasing use of cloud resources, DevOps-based cultures, and mobile computing are having a profound effect on enterprise networking. To keep up with the demands of the digital business, the network of 2021 will have to look vastly different from traditional network architectures. This webinar provides CIOs and infrastructure leaders with insights on how to prepare the network for a more dynamic age.

Analyst(s): Mark Fabbi