Analysts Answer: What Are the Top Client Concerns about AI?

August 22, 2017

Contributor: Kasey Panetta

From board conversations to potential use cases, everyone has questions about artificial intelligence.

As we prepare for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017, it seems like many clients have questions about artificial intelligence (AI). With AI as a theme for the event and a few sessions planned with CIOs in mind, Smarter With Gartner reached out to a few of our AI experts to learn what clients are concerned about when it comes to this technology.

What are clients biggest questions or concerns about AI?


  • How can I discuss artificial intelligence with our executives and board of directors? What do I need to become familiar with it to discuss it?
  • How can we prepare to take advantage of artificial intelligence? What do we need to do to create AI competencies?
  • How can we apply artificial intelligence? What are the potential use cases?

See Mike at his Gartner Symposium/ITxpo sessions: Using AI to Cultivate Enterprise Intelligence (Orlando, Florida; Goa, India) To the Point: Everything You Need to Know About Data Ownership, Rights and Sovereignty (Goa, India)


Van L. Baker Research VP for Gartner, Inc

Client concerns about AI vary considerably. Many are focused on understanding how to apply AI to their business needs or what are the use cases for AI. Others are concerned about the lack of a documented explanation for the output of models created using deep neural networks. The speed at which AI is evolving will continue to present challenges and concerns to enterprises, but the offsetting benefits will compel them to deploy solutions that incorporate AI.

See Van at his Gartner Symposium/ITxpo sessions: AI, Chatbots and Event Triggered Applications Enable the Digital Business Platform (Orlando, Florida)

Robert Hetu Research Director at Gartner

There is so much confusion and hype: What exactly is AI? How can we use AI to change the business dynamic by improving customer experience, becoming more agile and efficient operationally, removing costs and enabling digital business transformation?

See Robert at his Gartner Symposium/ITxpo sessions: To the Point: AI in Retail: People or Machines or People and Machines? (Orlando, Florida) Maverick: How Will You Fare When Your Device Approaches the Bench? (Orlando, Florida; Barcelona, Spain) To the Point: People or Machines, or People and Machines? (Barcelona, Spain) Ask the Analyst: IoT and Retail (Barcelona, Spain)

Whit Andrews vice president distinguished analyst at Gartner

Clients ask often how they should use AI. We tell them to look for problems that they have always had but that they could not solve because it was impossible to have enough people on staff to address them. AI projects deliver what seem like human insights and actions but via velocity, volume and variety that humans cannot achieve.

See Whit at his Gartner Symposium/ITxpo sessions: Spotlight: Ride the Major Trends in Artificial Intelligence (Orlando, Florida What to Do and Not Do With AI (Orlando, Florida)

Kelly J. Calhoun Williams Research Director at Gartner

In education, as elsewhere, there’s a high level of concern about data privacy when it comes to considering AI.  Clients have a lot of questions about how to prepare for this future, and that’s doubly true in K-12, when there are minor children (and very sensitive data) at stake.  But the biggest question of all is “How can AI help us deliver better, more effective educational experiences for everyone we serve?”

See Kelly at her Gartner Symposium/ITxpo sessions: To the Point: The AI-Driven Academy — the Future Is Now (Orlando, Florida) Ask the Analyst: AI Impact in Education (Orlando, Florida)

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