Canadian CIOs: Focus on In-Demand IT Roles

Canadian CIOs should look to new and emerging roles to prepare for digital business.

As businesses move toward digital transformation, new roles have emerged within IT. These roles are the key to preparing for digital business and thinking about how the enterprise can take digital to the core.

The Gartner CIO Agenda Canada Perspective shares the biggest In demand IT roles: cybersecurity expert, user experience designer, cloud architect, and API product manager

The emergence of these roles highlights where Canadian CIOs are investing and preparing for digital business. For example, cloud architects, seen more in Canadian government organizations than non-governmental businesses, indicate a commitment to the commoditized and centralized delivery of computing services.

The most in-demand roles are supporting new architectures and capabilities. Canadian CIOs should focus on these roles and skills to lead and enable digital business.

  • Cybersecurity expert: Focuses on emerging threats and application of techniques, such as adaptive security and machine learning, to combat sophisticated new risks.
  • User experience designer: Offers an understanding of how to engage customers without violating privacy.
  • Cloud architect: Understands how to use the cloud platform for innovation.
  • API product manager: Governs the evolution of connections in the ecosystem and determines how they are designed and monetized.
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Gartner clients can read the full report in 2018 CIO Agenda: A Canada Perspective with Chris Howard.

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