CIO Agenda 2020: Do You Have A Clear and Consistent Business Strategy?

Make sure your organization is fit, not fragile, when it comes to business strategy.

Have a clear and consistent overall business strategy. 

This seems like a simple, common-sense business rule, but it is one that organizations struggle with often. It is also one of the more distinctive, top-ranked (number 4 of 10) traits of a fit organization, according to the Gartner CIO Agenda 2020

Overall, fit enterprises are those that see uncertainty as a guarantee and develop a clear strategy to help accelerate through — and succeed beyond — that uncertainty. 

However, fit organizations know not to overoptimize for the current environments. They focus on adaptable strategies that are able to move and shift with changing conditions. In addition, these organizations are not afraid to try and fail, or fund projects that might end up being unsuccessful.

 Gartner outlines the types of disruptions that have occurred over the past four years.

Fragile organizations still cling to a once-a-year strategy-planning approach, which means they are slow to respond to environmental changes. Fit organizations use “turns” or disruption, as an opportunity — not to cut back on risk, but to reimagine the organization. 

But what do fit organizations do to create a “clear and consistent business strategy”?

A majority of fit organizations (53%) rank themselves as effective at making digital an integral part of their business strategy. This makes sense given that a crisis — even if it doesn’t involve technology — will probably have a digital solution.

Fifty-two percent of fit organizations say they are effective regarding the clarity and effectiveness of enterprise information management strategy. This points to the importance of having a plan for creating and monetizing information assets, another key success metric in today’s digital environment.

Further, 46% ranked themselves as being effective at aligning digital strategy and business strategy so they become one singular strategy.  

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