Gartner Analyst Jenny Sussin Discusses How to Manage Millennials

A Gartner video Q&A explores the unique workplace behaviors of millennials.

Millennials often take the heat for a range of technology-induced behaviors. Gartner analyst Jenny Sussin, a millennial-herself, conducted research with colleagues, Tina Nunno and Carol Rozwell to dig into how technology has shaped millennials’ workplace behaviors and how this generation impacts technology choices for an organization.

In this Facebook Live discussion ahead of her Maverick research session, “How to Manage a ‘Selfie-Centered’ Workforce”, at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 in Orlando, Florida, Sussin describes how  millennials have certain unique behaviours that, when managed correctly, can be huge assets in the workplace.

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For example, growing up with immersive video games, millennials learned how to work at something until winning. This means that when given a project, they won’t stop until it’s completed. Additionally, a lifetime of commenting and defending themselves on social media may make millennials good presenters who can make persuasive arguments.

Learn more about millennial behaviors in the workplace in the video below: 

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