How to Evaluate an Application Integration Platform

Use this framework when selecting an application integration platform.

Traditional integration platforms do not meet the requirements of a modern integration portfolio on their own. This is because a single product will no longer meet an organization’s demands for digital business transformation.

“To realize a digital business agenda, organizations must modernize existing platforms and add additional integration platforms to their toolboxes. Having multiple platforms, each with a defined set of situations in which they would be used, enables organizations to select the right approach for each workload,” says Matt Brasier, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner.

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The integration platform market has more options than ever before. Gartner provides a guidance framework that offers a structured way to evaluate integration platforms and choose the most effective solution.

Gartner's Guidance Framework for Evaluate an Application Integration Platform

Gartner clients can read more in “A Guidance Framework for Evaluating Application Integration Platforms” by Matt Brasier. More information on the applications strategies can be found in the Gartner Featured Insight research collection “How to Prepare for the Future of Applications.”  This research highlights insights and best practices on how future application organizations can exploit new delivery, governance and organization models.

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