How to Gain Better Insights from Mobile and Social Investments

Create a singular focus on the most important ROI metrics to advance your social and mobile programs.

Mobile and social fit together like many other great pairs. Consumers conduct social networking while they’re mobile, and they spend their mobile time on social sites.

In their session, “Better Insights and Action From Mobile and Social Investments at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, Mike McGuire, research vice president for Gartner for Marketing Leaders, and Julie Hopkins, managing vice president for Gartner for Marketing Leaders, said that marketers should work together to stay on top of common mobile and social usage patterns and insights; play an active, collaborative role in persona development and customer experience design; and put additional rigor in place to understand what works and what doesn’t in social and mobile marketing.

Gartner's Julie Hopkins and Mike McGuire discuss how marketers can leverage social and mobile analytics during the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference.
Gartner’s Julie Hopkins and Mike McGuire discuss how marketers can leverage social and mobile analytics during the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference.

According to Gartner surveys, social and mobile analytics are the hardest to measure and link to outcomes. But that doesn’t give marketers a pass. Progressive organizations know how to focus on this problem and begin by counting the basics across reach, engagement, conversion, audience and brand metrics.

It’s then essential to connect mobile and social investments to concrete objectives. First, determine the mobile and social role in the customer experience or customer journey. Next, Ms. Hopkins challenged the audience to complete a “Mad Libs” type of exercise to track important ROI measures.

“Through our efforts to engage ____(name of customer or prospect group)____ on ____(network)____using content like ____(whitepapers/videos/discussion groups)____, we will be able to _____(anticipated result)____, which will be indicated by a change in ____(metric)____.”

Connect ROI to Discreet Metrics
Mr. McGuire noted that if determining ROI is hard, marketers can track mobile and social investment impact against three standard ROI levers: Revenue generation, cost reduction, and risk.

In one example, they discussed The Clymb, a members-only site offering discounts on outdoor adventure gear and experiences. The Clymb was singularly focused on its ROI metrics. For cost reduction, the company used paid social advertising to convert new members. For revenue generation, The Clymb used organic content to drive sales. It aligned content and engagement with its follower base to create member experiences to drive revenue.

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“Start thinking about activities in a purpose-driven manner,” Ms. Hopkins said. She suggested that marketers be very discreet in the metrics they choose to measure to see the impact of social and mobile activities. It’s also important to determine where you are stopping short of chasing hard-to-compile metrics. This entails creating a plan to close the gap by identifying questions unanswered, data needed, tools, personnel, or processes that must be fixed.

Moving forward, to create a mature social and mobile insight strategy, it’s necessary to assemble the right team and process, partner with providers, and connect your efforts to customer experience. When looking for a provider, remember: Providers differ in their advanced analytics and marketing services; consider information sources covered, analytic techniques used, and deployment model.

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