Find Your Mobile Marketing Maturity Sweet Spot

Explore Stage 3 in the Gartner maturity model for mobile marketing.

Surveys of CMOs and CEOs indicate mobile marketing is a top area of investment. Yet for all its ubiquity and penetration into daily life, mobile marketing continues to confound many marketers. Do I build a native app? A hybrid app? Do I build the app before I invest in the mobile Web? When do I invest in mobile analytics?

The Gartner maturity model helps mobile marketers understand their organization’s capabilities and what to do to reach the next level, noted Mike McGuire, research vice president, Gartner for Marketing Leaders.

Companies progress through five levels on the path to mobile marketing maturity:

  1. Telemarketing: Mobile is added to traditional telemarketing operations
  2. Presence: Mobile presence established and website, email campaigns and other branded communications are mobile-friendly
  3. Parity: Mobile is a standard digital marketing technique
  4. Parallel: Mobile enables real-time, in-the-moment engagement, as well as time-bound campaigns
  5. Powered: Mobile marketing is a strategic asset to the business

However, not every team needs to reach Level 5.

Marketers use the maturity model to identify what level of maturity is needed to support their company’s overall digital marketing requirements. Some companies can achieve their goals at Level 3. This is what Level 3 looks like in more detail:

When mobile is standard fare

At the parity stage, mobile marketing is integrated into wider marketing activities that target the various phases of the purchase journey and the mobile marketing team engages buyers wherever they want to connect. Mobile marketing analytics tools are implemented in this phase and, if retail is a focus, geofencing is practiced. A Level 3 company has a designated mobile team with rigorous budgeting processes.

Here are the three boxes to check to get to Level 3:

  1. Build the business case for upgrading the website using responsive design principles
  2. Invest in mobile-specific analytics
  3. Convince leadership that digital marketing should take the lead in mobile marketing efforts

Regardless of the current or desired level, marketers can use the Mobile Marketing Maturity Model to plan their path forward.

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