What Happens When Things Negotiate?

What happens when "Things" can negotiate among themselves? It enables humans to work more efficiently and be more productive.

An accident at a border crossing causes a delivery truck to miss its shipment timetable. Today, each recipient of items on the truck faces certain business consequences. As the Internet of Things and digital business evolve, opportunities arise for things to negotiate and improve the outcome of such a situation.

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In this business moment, a 3D printing company has been contracted to manufacture precision sunglasses that have low distortion and complex prescriptions due to the high accuracy and resolution of the 3D printer. What happens when the truck carrying the necessary printer can’t cross the border?


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How Things Negotiate

In this scenario, “Things” can negotiate among themselves to create a value offering for approval by their predefined rules or by an authorized human, thus enabling humans to work more efficiently and be more productive. The key industries involved in this moment include manufacturing, delivery, service, and sensor and smart system technology companies. The top technologies that would enable this business moment include smart business intelligence analytics, real-time and context-aware offer engines, autonomous vehicles, and smart ecosystem configuration and management.

Innovate with Business Moments

In digital business, business moments will become the source of business value and competition, as the lines between the physical and virtual worlds begin to blur.  According to Jorge Lopez, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, CIOs and IT leaders can use these moments to communicate complex stories to initiate discussions and get their companies thinking about the potential of digital business or extending their digitalization efforts.

As you pursue digital business, build and enrich your digital leadership network by collaborating on creating similar speculative business moments applicable to the enterprise. Remember to integrate business moments into your thinking about customer journeys and associated processes. As things become important in ways you hadn’t envisioned, use these moments to help see new connections for your business.

Gartner clients can read more about how a business moment as simple as a delayed shipment triggers dynamic value opportunities in the report, “Business Moment: A Shipment Stopped at the Border Triggers Replacement Alternatives”.

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