Top 5 Finance Smarter With Gartner Articles in 2019

This year’s most-read finance articles spanned topics from robots and shared services to finance leadership and success traits.

In the midst of uncertainty, one thing is certain: Finance leaders need to take a fresh look at how they do business to meet the needs of the future. But how do you prepare for both the foreseeable and unknown? 

This question loomed large in 2019, so we weren’t surprised to find that our most popular finance articles focused on how the finance function will evolve — with a little help from shared service centers and robotic process automation (RPA) — and key lessons from the first-ever Gartner CFO and Finance Executive Conference. If you missed it, be sure to check it out next year. 

Below are the most-read Smarter With Gartner finance articles in 2019.

No. 1 — 5 Characteristics of the Best Shared Service Centers

Shared services organizations deliver value to their internal customers in many ways, and managers can do multiple things to improve the three main components of shared services — people, process and technology. But the most successful teams typically share five characteristics. Read now

No. 2 — How to Organize Your Finance Function

Increasingly, finance provides operational or enterprisewide decision support in addition to meeting its critical responsibilities in governance and oversight. To find the optimal structure, finance leaders must first determine the level of centralization required. Read now

No. 3 Get Started on Robotics in Procurement

Only 6% of business leaders recognize the potential for digitization initiatives in procurement, yet the functions around the enterprise have realized promising results from implementing RPA. Read now

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No. 4 Key Take-Aways From Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference 2019

More than 400 CFOs and senior finance executives traveled to Washington, D.C., for the inaugural Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference 2019. The resounding message: Winners power through economic turns and uncertainty. To do this, CFOs must understand which behaviors and attributes are key to success. Read now

No. 5 Top 4 Actions for a New CFO

Gartner research finds that almost 50% of new leaders underperform in their roles. A new leader needs a clear plan to ensure long-term success — including specific goals, resource allocation and cultural resistance. Read now

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